5 Adwords Advertising Mistakes You Must Avoid

by Ed Stapleton Jr

PPC Advertising Mistakes You Must Avoid Compared to a few years ago, these days, a lot of businesses are spending a lot of money on Google AdWords. The truth is that while this is a good thing for Google, most of the times a lot of businesses seem to fall short…

Will A Landing Page Increase My Pay Per Click Conversion?

by Ed Stapleton Jr

Yes, Landing Pages Rule! If you're currently asking yourself,"Will A Landing Page Increase My Pay Per Click Conversion?",  then you're very serious about your marketing efforts and want to make the most of them. The truth is that landing pages not only get you a lower CPC, but also a much…

Five Common Pay Per Click Management Myths

by Ed Stapleton Jr

PPC Management Myths Debunked Online marketing is a very competitive industry which requires implementation of effective techniques. Pay per Click (PPC) is a powerful method and platform that will help increase your leads, calls and sales. However, to get the best out of your PPC campaigns, you should understand some…

Should You Do Your Adwords Pay Per Click Management Yourself?

by Ed Stapleton Jr

Why Managing Your Own PPC Account Is A Bad Idea Should you attempt to run Adwords Pay Per Click management yourself? The simple answer, no. Would you fix your car yourself? I didn't think so! This is a hot topic among business owners new to advertising online or with Adwords in general. While we…

Improved PPC Campaign Setup For Increased Traffic And Sales

by Ed Stapleton Jr

Setting your Pay Per Click  Campaign If you plan on selling products or advertising services on the internet, then one of the first things you need to consider is getting in front of your target audience online. With PPC, not only can you attract attention, but you can easily employ a…

7 Misconceptions About PPC Advertising

by Ed Stapleton Jr

Pay Per Click Advertising Myths Debunked Anybody with a website wants to start generating traffic right away, and PPC advertising is a popular form of marketing and you can enjoy instant results. If you are selling products or services, you have to have your website promoted properly and Pay per…

SEO vs PPC: Which is Better And Why?

by Ed Stapleton Jr

Why PPC Is Better Than SEO There will always be a hot debate over which is better: PPC (Pay per Click) or SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Each method of driving traffic comes with its own set of pros and cons - which means that what you will ultimately achieve will…

Why PPC Is Better Than SEO

by Ed Stapleton Jr

PPC vs SEO There are two main options website owners have when looking to boost online traffic to their websites or online stores. These are PPC (pay per click) and SEO (search engine optimization). The main difference between the two is that SEO offers organic traffic (free) traffic, while it costs money…

Proper PPC Adwords Management

by Ed Stapleton Jr

How To Manage A Pay Per Click Account AdWords campaigns can be a boom for your business provided that you know how to tap their full potential. Unfortunately, most businesses, especially the smaller ones, fail to get results using them and don't really have a clue about proper PPC Adwords…

Stop Burning Your AdWords Budget With These 6 Tips

by Ed Stapleton Jr

How To Stop Wasting Your Adwords Budget It doesn't matter if you are just starting out with a tiny account or are running a massive adwords budget, wasting money is not a prerequisite for PPC advertising. Here are some quick tips for optimizing your Adwords budget and campaigns: 1. Set-Up…

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Working with Rob from Clicks Geek was one of the best decisions we have made as a company in regards to our paid search campaign management. We went from a small failed Adwords campaign to two powerhouses campaigns pulling in over 30+ leads/day.
Matthew Pattoli
Social Vantage
I use Clicks Geek for all my PPC management needs. These guys are hands down the best at providing positive ROI and making your dollar stretch. If you are looking for Adwords PPC marketing that really woks and actually want to get an ROI, then these are the guys to go with.
Armando Saenz
Saenz Digital