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Clicks Geek is a U.S.-Based Google Ads agency focused on increasing sales and leads by driving quality traffic and delivering a superior landing page experience.

Expert Google Ads Management Let Us Help Your Customers Find You

Maybe you tried to do Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) yourself only to discover that click costs were high and conversions were scarce. Or, maybe you’re considering bringing on a PPC agency or team to ensure your success, but you were confronted by ugly sticker shock.

Working with Clicks Geek delivers the best of both worlds:

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We’re a Google Partner Agency

When it comes to PPC, we walk the walk.

As a Google Partner Agency, we’ve joined the cream of the crop in PPC specialists. This designation is reserved for advertising agencies who have demonstrated a consistent track record of success.

Google Ads Campaigns That Actually Convert Starts With A Quick Consult.

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Certified Team

Our in-house (USA Based) search team is certified in both Google Ads And Bing Ads. We also have all employees taking continuing education courses so our team is always up to date on the latest search strategies & tactics. Your campaigns are in good hands!

Ed Stapleton
Rob Andolina
Victor Pazmino
Dustin Cucciarre
Justin Rothman
Joey Espiritu
Andy Foss
Faisal Iqbal
Ryan Pacificador
Ayma Malik

Custom Landing Pages

There’s a reason we are one of the top PPC providers. Our clients campaigns convert at 20%-40%+ in most cases. While the industry average is anywhere from 5%-12% (our competitors). Simply put, we’ll send your business more leads.

Conversion Focused

Our core focus for every campaign that we work on is conversion rate. Conversion rate and cost per conversion are our main KPIs we optimize for. Continually testing and tweaking the right keywords, ads and landing page makes all the difference.

Initial Consultation

We’ll discuss your target audience, top competitors and campaign goals. We will then roll out a customized strategy unique to your business alone. After we agree on the campaign goals, we will accept payment, we will begin the on-boarding process (24-72 hours) and get to work either building out a new campaign or optimizing existing campaigns.

Extensive Keyword Research

Selecting the right type of ‘high-intent’ keywords for your PPC strategy is an integral part of running an effective Google Ads campaign. Without the right intent keywords (and match types), your campaign will convert low and perform poorly.

Contact Form & Call Tracking

Without proper tracking you cannot run a successful Google Ads campaign. We handle all of this for you. We will setup contact form and call conversion tracking. We track forms and calls down to the keyword level so you can see exactly what keywords are driving your campaign inbound leads.

Campaign Bid Management

This is simple which is hard to understand for us why most companies need all kinds of fancy tools and gizmos to do this. Especially now with all the amazing smart bidding strategies Google keeps rolling out. We will decrease or remove bids on loser keywords and increase the bids on winners. Your campaigns will always be running the most optimal, high converting keywords. A lot of this boils down to the bid strategy chosen.

Custom Landing Pages

Our clients landing pages convert anywhere from 20%-40%+ in most cases. While the industry average is anywhere from 5%-12% (our competitors). Simply put, we’ll send your business more leads and calls. If you do not want a page designed by us, we will help consult any in-house designer you have in the design aspects of what we need for the page at no additional charge.

Ad Copy Creation & Testing

Ad copy for your PPC ads is a crucial component in making sure the keyword searched, is shown an ad that talks about solving the users problem via our unique selling proposition. They search a problem, we offer the solution.

Custom Reporting

Once a week, every Monday you will be emailed a report detailing the past 7 days of AdWords account activity from your campaign. It will also compare your new week to the previous week so you will be able to see campaign progression.

Weekly Optimizations & Fine Tuning

We will be monitoring your Google Ads campaign performance by analyzing the weekly conversion and click data to make adjustments and tweaks on a regular basis to ensure continued optimal performance / lead flow of the campaign. We can make tweaks on the fly to anything form keywords, ads, devices, ad schedules, ad extensions, negatives and even landing page CTA’s (call to action) whatever we have to do to keep the campaign on track.

Client Testimonial Praise

Steven Cortez


Ed's a great dude! PPC expert all the way. I've had a couple phone calls with him. Very helpful and down to earth.

Max Reznich


I have Robert Salvatore saved in my phone as "PPC Whisperer" for a reason. The man can do things with a Google Ads campaign that I've never seen before. Thanks again brother.

Daniel Kichen


These guys are so awesome that even if they can't help you they will refer you to somebody who can. That doesn't happen often, good people.

Jeremy Bolton


Just wanted to give Ed Stapleton at Clicks Geek a recommendation if any of you guys are looking to outsource your google ads campaigns. Double my clients conversions within a month and now have a VERY happy client! Thanks Ed...

Jacob Kettner


Quick shout-out to Robert Salvatore over at Clicks Geek. I was on a call with Mark Luckenbaugh yesterday bitching about a Google Ads campaign that wasn't converting well, and he suggested I talk to Robert. I hit him up yesterday in the afternoon, and by 8:30AM this morning he'd done a complete audit of the campaign and laid out actionable steps for me to take to improve both CTR and costs as well as how I'm tracking, and the way I'm targeting keywords.  I can honestly say I learned more about Google Ads from his audit than I did from the last Google Ads course I took.

Brant Scheifler


Quick tip of the hat to Ed and Robert on the PPC front. I sent them a PPC campaign a couple months back for one of my local clients. Theya re killing it both on CPC and CPL. I honestly hate managing PPC, and even though Rob would attest to me knowing more about Google Ads than him (actually not really he would never say that nor is it true), I prefer to not have to look at PPC campaigns whenever possible. So, just wanted to say that if you need a good PPC resource that's hand off I would check out these guys! Hope this helps someone that may be fed up with managing Google Ads or looking for a good source.

Use Google Ads To Outsmart The Competition

Ed’s advice, information, and techniques have helped my business not only STAY OPEN these last few years, but GROW with consistency.

Joseph Hughes

Joseph Hughes

CEO @ Contractor Dynamics

High Intent Keywords + AI Driven Ad Copy

We’ll make sure we are only going after the highest quality keywords specific to your business. Keywords and ad copy that combined are crafted to drive an outcome (a click). From there, our landing pages will do all the heavy lifting of turning that traffic into a lead. We use an AI ad generation software to help us craft your ad copy/hooks.

Data Driven Optimization

We don’t guess when it comes to optimizing your Google Ads data. We have a templated system to analyze and optimize strategic custom KPI’s for your campaigns to make sure we are continually making the quality of your search traffic better. We continually optimize dozens of campaign metrics every week.

High Converting Sales Funnels

We don’t just send traffic to any old website. We only send traffic to a very strategically designed lead generation funnel. Our pages are designed to turn cold Google traffic into phone calls and leads. Don’t worry, we’ll build you something that converts like crazy.

We'll Craft Your Customers Journey

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Our Strength? Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO, short for Conversion Rate Optimization, is the process of improving conversion rates on your website. A conversion can be a phone call, sale, lead form, or other action, depending on your goals.

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“I use Clicks Geek for all my PPC management needs. These guys are hands down the best at providing positive ROI and making your dollar stretch. If you are looking for Google Ads PPC marketing that really woks and actually want to get an ROI, then these are the guys to go with. They walked me through every step and their customer service is second to none.”

Armando Saenz

Armando Saenz

CEO @ Saenz Digital

Using keyword and demographics targeting to attract the right person in the right place at the right time.

Before launching an ad, we’ve done our homework, and this is one of many areas where we shine bright! Where other PPC agencies see their performance wane over time, your campaigns continue to grow stronger while we scale your ad campaign for growth.

Creating ads that resonate with the target audience so that they want exactly what you’re selling.

This skill requires an intimate understanding of your customer and the ability to put pen to paper (okay, fingertips to keyboard) to craft compelling copy. We’re copywriters at heart, and we are passionate about finding the precise right combination of words that drives action, and ultimately, conversions.

Ensuring that the landing page delivers a stellar user experience.

This involves having a consistent message, a fast-loading page, valuable content, and a clear call to action. Most PPC agencies neglect the landing page experience, making excuses that they don’t have access to the website or buy-in from key players. The landing page is a crucial part of campaign success, and it’s an integral part of the process.

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Got questions?
We've got answers

How much do I have to spend to get results?

We work with companies of all sizes and budgets. Though there’s a recommended budget to get started, this amount can vary based on your industry and location. We can discuss your goals and any financial objectives when we talk.

Do I pay when my ad is seen?

No, you only pay when your ad is clicked by a Google user who has searched for the specific keyword that your campaign is targeting.

How do I know if my campaigns are working?

Your reporting will have key reporting metrics being displayed such as the number of leads, cost per lead, and the conversion rate. Among many others as well!

How can I make sure I don’t spend more than my budget?

You set your budget within Google. They will be the only ones drafting payments out of your Google Ads account. They make sure people never go over their monthly budget goals that are set.

Will I be locked into a contract?

Nope! No contracts, ever. We’re THAT confident in our abilities.

Take your business to the next level with a marketing agency that actually delivers.

Clicks Geek is a U.S. Based marketing agency focused on positive-ROI customer acquisition. If you want to grow your brand through digital marketing, let’s talk!

Based in Pennsylvania, USA

As a Google Premier Partner Agency, we’ve joined the cream of the crop in PPC specialists. This designation is reserved for only a small fraction of Google Partners who have demonstrated a consistent track record of success.
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