PPC vs. SEO for Demolition Services: How To Get More Leads For Your Business

The issue of SEO vs. PPC for demolition services has befuddled many demolition business owners. As content marketing teams attempt to discern which one, SEO or PPC, is better for their company, they often don’t realize that they don’t have to choose.

Both SEO and PPC are excellent digital marketing tools of the utmost importance in today’s business landscape. Both center around the premise that you must rank high on a search engine results page for potential customers to find you.

Imagine being the company that pops up first when someone Googles “demolition service in (your town).” That’s what both SEO and PPC can do for you, but they operate in different ways, both organic and paid. One targets organic search rankings while the other creates paid ads atop the returns.

Pros and Cons of PPC for your Demolition Company

PPC, or pay-per-click, advertising is a marketing method that provides immediate satisfaction to demolition business owners. It puts your listing at the top of the Google search results pages for your industry’s most popular queries. PPC is generally a short-term strategy to achieve fast results, and it works quite well.

You create a list of keywords to bid on through Google, considering your target client’s search intent. Once Google creates and places your ad, it only charges you for each time someone clicks on your promoted link. That way, you only pay for the leads that end up on your website, where your job becomes to convert them to customers.

A slightly different version of PPC exists in social media advertising, such as Facebook Ads, where you can customize your campaign to reach a targeted audience using demographic and interest-based criteria.

Although it can get expensive, this system works well since the bid price for competitive keywords can be very high. You may overspend if you don’t have a marketing specialist regularly monitoring and adjusting your strategy.

Pros and Cons of SEO for your Demo Company

Search engine optimization is a super-important marketing strategy for a service company. It involves engineering your website’s design and content to meet Google’s algorithm’s demands and achieve a high quality score for long-term online visibility.

In addition to integrating your industry’s popular keywords into your website’s content, you’ll also need to incorporate many other site design techniques into your SEO strategies. An SEO platform or management tool can help you analyze your site to assess its strengths and weaknesses, as can a marketing specialist.

SEO takes much longer to improve your online presence, but in many ways is much more valuable than its paid-ad counterpart. While PPC gives you instant results, if you eventually start ranking high on search engines with your keywords, you can solidify your demolition business’ future and bring in several customers every day.

The Power of Both

As you can see, while PPC and SEO have their differences, the bottom line is that they share the same goal – to bring new customers to your business. The power of using them together is that they are complementary.

For example, if you run a PPC ads campaign for the search term “hire a demolition contractor” and get few results, then it’s time to adjust your keywords in your paid search strategy.

Utilizing both can also help you rank multiple landing pages on your website. If one of your service pages ranks high in organic search results on the desired search query, then you might focus your paid-ad campaigns on a landing page that targets a different set of keywords.

Clicks Geek Can Help With Your SEO and PPC Campaign

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