{FREE} Google Adwords PPC Pitch Deck

by Ed Stapleton Jr

Here's a Free PPC Pitch Deck Template To Customize For Your Business   To download this Free Resource go here: Google Adwords PPC Pitch Deck Template (FREE) %CODEbtn%

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44 Great Niches To Target For PPC Management

by Ed Stapleton Jr

Here's a list of our favorite and best performing niches to target for PPC Management Services. Everything on this list passed the following criteria: Hungry Market -  good search volumes in local markets. High client lifetime value - one-time deal sizes are large or there is a recurring / repeat…

Definitive Guide To White Label PPC Management

by Ed Stapleton Jr

We have a lot of white label PPC management clients and over the years I’ve spoken and emailed with hundreds of local marketers, consultants, SEO’s, marketing companies and design agencies who were looking for a solution to outsource their PPC management. During these conversations one thing struck me... I found…

3 Ninja Tricks For AdWords Account Management

by Robert Andolina

If it's been a long time since someone called you an AdWords manager newbie, then it's probably a good idea that you not only find new opportunities and niches to target, but also reduce expenditures, improve ROI, grow your reach and also expand your campaigns. These things are all possible,…

Should I Hire An AdWords Campaign Manager?

by Ed Stapleton Jr

Pros and Cons of Hiring an Adwords campaign manager This is probably one of the most important questions you can ask when it comes to having a successful PPC (pay per click) campaign. Adwords campaigns that are managed by business owners who are not 100% familiar with Google’s system have…

The Benefits of PPC Advertising for Small Business Owners

by Ed Stapleton Jr

Lets Discuss the benefits of PPC advertising for your business With the advancement in technology, the Internet has become one of the most important tools for business owners, and for those who want to enjoy success and it's imperative that you spend most of your time and invest your money…

Which Is Better SEO or PPC?

by Robert Andolina

This one's a classic: Which Is Better SEO or PPC? Well, the truth is that both of them can help you get traffic to your website and what makes this comparison interesting is the fact that it pits 2 of the most widely used traffic strategies against one another. Before…

Why You Should Hire An AdWords Qualified Company

by Ed Stapleton Jr

If you are running a Google AdWords PPC campaign that is not meeting your expectations, it’s time for you to hire an AdWords qualified company. If you are thinking about expanding your Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), then you must ask yourself is it just more efficient to let a…

How To Create A PPC Budget Strategy

by Ed Stapleton Jr

Tons of companies enter the pay per click marketplace/platform on a daily basis. The truth is that most of the time, they have no idea how much money they should invest in their online campaigns and have absolutely no idea how to create a PPC budget strategy. This can cause…

What Is Pay Per Click Advertising Management?

by Ed Stapleton Jr

Why PPC Management Services Rock Pay per click advertising management differs from conventional optimization tools in a few different ways. With PPC, advertisers acquire high ad placement on the search engine results page in a bid to stifle the competition and get the majority share of clicks for particular keywords.…

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Client Testimonials

Working with Rob from Clicks Geek was one of the best decisions we have made as a company in regards to our paid search campaign management. We went from a small failed Adwords campaign to two powerhouses campaigns pulling in over 30+ leads/day.
Matthew Pattoli
Social Vantage
I use Clicks Geek for all my PPC management needs. These guys are hands down the best at providing positive ROI and making your dollar stretch. If you are looking for Adwords PPC marketing that really woks and actually want to get an ROI, then these are the guys to go with.
Armando Saenz
Saenz Digital