PPC vs. SEO For Fencing Services: How To Use Both to Outdo Your Competition

In the modern world, the foundation of a fence installation business lies in its digital marketing strategy. It has become near impossible for a business to survive without having some form of an online presence.

PPC and SEO are the two most important digital marketing methods to drive traffic to your website or service page. Understanding how to effectively use these internet marketing techniques for your business will give you a leg up on your competition.

This blog will tackle the topic of PPC vs. SEO for fence installers and why you should be using both to grow your fencing business.

Search Engine Optimization For Fence Installers

The goal of improving your SEO is to make the website for your fence installation company highly visible on search engines. The optimization process involves coding many aspects of your page to meet Google algorithm’s criteria for a high-ranking site.

You can start by assessing your website architecture and content to find out where your site is lacking. Tools exist to help you do this assessment, as do professional marketers.

One aspect of SEO involves targeting a variety of keywords that customers might use to find you, then embedding them throughout your business website and landing pages in a natural way. Overusing keywords may work against your goal of ranking high on Google.

There are many full-service marketing agencies as well as freelancers who provide copywriting services if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself. Ask about cost-effective content pricing and brand pricing. Investing in web development is money well spent. Our Clicks Geek agency is among the best for helping to attract prospective customers to your page and converting them.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The tough part about SEO is that it takes a while to rank on the search results pages of your keywords, so that’s a gratification you’ll have to look forward to.

PPC advertising, on the other hand, brings immediate results. PPC refers to the pricing control you have due to the fact that you only pay when someone clicks on your promoted link.

You can use PPC advertising with the Google Ads program or with social media advertising such as Facebook Ads.

With the search PPC, your target audience is anyone searching for your service. With paid search ads, you bid and negotiate with Google for a price for each click. The more popular the keyword you target, the higher the pricing. Google’s paid ads end up at the very top of the search results for particular keywords that you bid upon, even above the organic search returns.

The Winning Strategy For Fence Installers

How do you get ahead of your competition? Both PPC ads and SEO are crucially important for gaining new customers. So why pick? The best strategy for fencing companies is to combine the advantages of SEO and PPC.

If you own a new company, run a PPC campaign through Google Ads for your targeted keywords. If your campaign is a success, then you know that those keywords will be valuable to target with your SEO strategy.

Both of these strategies provide valuable data such as click-through-rate and conversion rate that will help you identify who your customers are, leading to more impactful marketing campaigns.

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