What Is Pay Per Click Advertising Management?

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Why PPC Management Services Rock

Pay per click advertising management differs from conventional optimization tools in a few different ways. With PPC, advertisers acquire high ad placement on the search engine results page in a bid to stifle the competition and get the majority share of clicks for particular keywords.

As an advertising tool, PPC works in such a way that the company that has placed an ad on the search engine results page, paid for that ad will get prior consideration on search engines like Google or Bing. It is important to note that paying for clicks does not guarantee your business the very top placement because it is not the only parameter engines use; they will also consider quality scores.

How PPC Works

Pretty simple actually.

Google Adwords is an auction system. You bid on keywords against other advertisers and whoever has the highest bid is ranked the highest on the search engine results page. Even though being #1 using PPC is not a guaranteed win, it still helps get your business much more exposure.

Bidding is a complicated process and requires an understanding of forces in the internet environment like the type of keywords you are dealing with as well as the actions of fellow advertisers. Most experts will keep changing their bids to stay in sync with the market. Once you win the bidding war, then the engines rank you but denote your link as an advert.

How PPC Gives You An Edge

What Is Pay Per Click Advertising Management? In its simplest definition, this is simply the administration of paid forms of optimization. It has major advantages over other methods in that the results are guaranteed, at least when it comes to impressions.

It’s important to understand that having a high click through rate does not necessarily lead to making high volume sales, because only a small percentage of who click actually turn into conversions. Unless of course you have a pro setting up and managing your campaigns for you. In that case, that’s what they do all day everyday is optimize PPC campaigns to churn out conversions.


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