How Do You Manage My Adwords Keyword Bids?

Manage My Adwords Keyword Bids

Quick Start Guide For Profitably Managing Your AdWords Keyword Bids

The question of “How do you manage my Adwords keyword bids?” seems to be asked quite a lot by those who are new when it comes to Google AdWords and that’s because they want to make sure they make the most of their budget. However, bidding does vary a lot depending on the keywords, advertiser and business, so offering a one size fits all solution may be a bit far-fetched. What we can do is let you know more about what you need to do in order to easily set your bidding by yourself.

Click/Bid Prices

This is one of the metrics that is going to change the most times for as long as you’re going to use AdWords. So based on what your results & data tells you, you’re going to always make adjustments to your bidding to maximize your return on investment.

Setting Correct Bids

I always say it’s better to start off bidding higher rather than lower. Bidding lower can hurt you and give your keywords a lower quality score. After you place it, adjust it within the next forty eight hours by taking into consideration the data you get at that time. Sometimes though, you don’t know what bid to set and this is when you need to take a look at your website’s conversion rate and what you’re trying to sell. So if you want to sell a $20 product, you cannot start bidding at $10. While the conversion rate varies quite a bit based on the website, if you have no idea about its conversion rate, then make sure you stick with 2 percent.

The AdWords auction

When determining your bids, it’s important to understand the auction system in AdWords. This is especially the cause when it’s necessary to consider optimizing the basis of your ad position. Let’s dig in a little bit further.

Explaining The Adwords Auction

Even if you pay $10 per click, you’ll rarely pay $10 per click. That’s because generally, you’re going to pay exactly what the advertiser below you is bidding. So if you bid $2 in position five and the advertiser is in position six and he bids $1, then you’re going to pay $1 per click.

If your bid were to be lower than that of the advertiser, then you’d pay exactly what you bid. So if you bid four dollars in position four and the advertiser in position five bids six dollars, you’d end up paying only four dollars per click. In this case, you can’t pay more than what you bid!


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