Can You Get A Good ROI From A PPC Management Agency?

Well that depends on your business. Some smaller businesses who have 2-5 employees may not want to spend the money on having a Pay Per Click Management Agency manage their search marketing campaigns. While we understand, for obvious reasons we think that is a bad idea. Google Adwords will eat you alive without the proper knowledge on how to manage your PPC campaigns effectively.

I don’t have to tell you this because most likely if you are reading this you either are a business owner or you work in the marketing department for your company, but everyone knows it’s all about allocating the proper resources and investing in the proper marketing campaigns that will drive you a high ROI. The best use of a campaign budget is having a professional who has done the work hundreds of times and perfected the said marketing method to manage the campaign for it to be most effective.

Simply assigning a current employee to learn a new marketing skill (while still a great idea) can back fire big time if you are talking about a complex advertising platform like Google Adwords. Blogging and content marketing is a great traffic generation avenue for an in-house employee. Leave the complex marketing to the pros!

The simple answer is you get what you pay for when it comes to marketing. So buck up and do it right and get the results that your business needs to thrive and grow profitably. Your best investment is in marketing to acquire new clients and Google Adwords is one of, if not the best marketing medium available to a small business or any business for that matter.

In the end no matter what marketing channel you choose to go with just keep in mind the end goal. ROI. That’s all that matters no matter what any company or consultant charges you. If I told you our Pay Per Click Management company was going to charge you $10,000/mo and make you $30,000/mo profit, what would you say?

You’d say OK, let’s do this! And that is exactly my point. Know your numbers and scale to crush it!