PPC Management Myths Debunked

Online marketing is a very competitive industry which requires implementation of effective techniques. Pay per Click (PPC) is a powerful method and platform that will help increase your leads, calls and sales. However, to get the best out of your PPC campaigns, you should understand some common Pay Per Click management misconceptions.

The following are Five Common Pay Per Click Management Myths.

The more keywords used the better

Inexperienced PPC managers think that adding every possible keyword into the campaign will boost performance. However, this is not true because tons of low volume keywords will not help. It is better to concentrate on powerful keywords that are more searched.Β If you want to get the best out of your PPC campaign, focus on the most searched keywords. Don’t forget using different match types as well.Β Look at the search query reports to know the keywords that are frequently searched and the keywords that generate impressive results. You don’t need to add misspellings, plurals and close variants. Always go for quality keywords and not quantity.

PPC should get your website on the first pages of search engine

Many online marketers will not be satisfied until their site is ranked on the first page of the search engines. However, PPC is not about getting organic rankings or anything to do with rankings at all.Β In fact, being #1 in the paid ads section sometimes is not even the best position. We have found that positions 3-5 are the highest converting positions.

PPC will help in natural ranking

PPC has no effect on SEO and will not boost your rankings on search engines. PPC and SEO are different techniques. This is a common misconception and is 100% false.

PPC is for bigger businesses

Many people think that PPC is for large businesses. However, PPC is for large and small business. Many small businesses have benefited from PPC because they can focus their ads on local markets and drive more leads.

PPC should help you against your competitors

Many inexperienced PPC advertisers and PPC managers spend a lot of time looking at what their competitors are doing, the kind of ad texts they are using among many other things. Although monitoring your competitors is useful in some respect, your time will be better spent on testing and tweaking your own campaign.