Why Managing Your Own PPC Account Is A Bad Idea

Should you attempt to run Adwords Pay Per Click management yourself? The simple answer, no. Would you fix your car yourself? I didn’t think so! This is a hot topic among business owners new to advertising online or with Adwords in general. While we understand as a small business owner its always best to try and keep your overhead down to as low as possible, when it comes to marketing and driving leads (the life blood) for your business, it’s best not to skimp out.

You are better of just doing it right the first time and hiring a professional instead of wasting a lot of time and money trying to figure this “Adwords thing” out yourself. I’m going to run down a list below of a few things that you should already know if you plan on doing Adwords yourself.


Make sure that when you plan on doing PPC marketing yourself that you do not set your initial Adgroup/keyword bids to low at first. It will only give you a crappy quality score. It’s better to set them higher and work them down that set them low to start.


Make sure your Adgroups are tightly themed and have relevant keywords in them.

Ad Schedule

If you own a business and are using Adwords to generate leads I’m sure you don’t want leads coming through at 3am. Set an ad schedule that correlates with what your business hours are.

Keyword Match Types

Make sure you are using all of the keyword match types. Exact, Phrase, Broad & Modified broad. Not sure what that is? Then I would not recommend running a campaign yourself!

Adcopy & A/B Testing

Make sure you are writing compelling adcopy that makes people want to click your ads. Then test which ads are driving more clicks and conversion. Drop the loser ad and make a new one to run against the winner! Questions? Thoughts? Comments? Leave em’ below! We’d love to hear from you.