Why You Are Losing Money With Google Adwords

Losing Money With Google Adwords

Common Google Adwords Mistakes

If you’re a business owner, you probably have already heard of or know about Google Adwords and what a great marketing method it is to drive targeted web traffic to your site. However, you may be wondering, ‘Why am I still losing money with Google AdWords pay-per-click?‘ If you’re making some of the following mistakes, then you’re going to be losing much more money than you’re making. However, use the advice below to identify your mistakes and instead be one of the many success stories about Adwords instead of one of the nightmares.

Your Adgroups Are Set-Up Incorrectly

Adwords was created so that you could make different ad groups to manage various types of campaigns. Within each you, you break down the ads into ad groups. However, many people make the common mistake of not using these groups correctly. They will put all of their desired keywords into one group so each person sees the same ad. The problem is that the ad shown needs to match the keyword being searched. Break up the keywords into specific groups with no more than 20 per group. Relevance is the name of the game here folks. Tightly themed Adgroups.

You’re Forgetting Negative Keywords

Adwords lets you use negative keywords to exclude words which do not match your product. For instance, if your store sells designer shoes but not running shoes, then you don’t want your ads to show up on results for running shoes. You can add “running” in your list of negative keywords and your ads won’t be displayed in these searches. To find words that should be excluded, use Google Analytics to find out which phrases people search for and the ones which don’t convert well. When you find the phrases which aren’t converting, look to see if you can add negative keywords to your campaign.

You’re Not Testing Your Ad Copy

While you may love your ad copy, numbers don’t tell lies. Always test your copy several times. You can try a few different headline variations and different body copy or different calls to action. Testing a few different options helps to determine what’s going to work best. Sometimes, even mentioning a specific benefit increases your conversions. Other times, you might have better results with a different headline. However, you’ll never truly know until you put your copy to the test. Make sure that you try a few different variations and then choose the one that has the best results, even if it’s not your personal favorite.

Or if you are like the other millions of small business owners who simply do not have the time to build, run and optimize your Adwords campaigns, give us a shout and let’s talk about how we can help you.


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