Why PPC Is Better Than SEO

Pay Per Click campaigns are designed to generate leads on a particular page, usually a landing page. Like SEO, keywords drive interested web searches to a website except it’s through organic search and not a paid traffic source. Since PPC is paid traffic, they visitors tend be of more higher intent or looking to solve a problem. The plus side of that is that they have a much higher conversion rate into a lead than an SEO website visitor does.

3 simple reasons below why I just don’t see how SEO can measure up.

1. PPC Generates Web Traffic Almost Immediately

Not just any traffic but laser focused traffic based on your keywords that you choose to bid on. Essentially you can see what your potential customers are searching for online and when they search you put your ad directly in front of them. Win/win.

2. PPC’s ROI Is More Trackable

Using Adwords or Bing ads you get a conversion code for your campaigns and all you have to do is place that code on your website or landing pages thank you page. Every time a visitor becomes a lead and lands on that thank you page that conversion pixel fires and Adwords or Bing counts that as a lead. You can track this all the way back to what keyword is driving you leads. This is how you can optimize a campaign to run effectively and generate a positive ROI.

3. SEO Takes Time (3 – 6 Months) In Most Cases

Most business owners don’t have 3-6 months to wait for leads. They need them now. Also they dont want to have to worry about Google changing its algorithm one day and bouncing their site forever from the organic listings. PPC is not going anywhere, SEO has an uncertain future.

So what do you guys think?

Think SEO has a better shot still?