Why You MUST Have A Landing Page

Your landing pages are going to be focused on a singular vision. Everything that’s featured on this page is designed to support a specific initiative and can’t be allowed to serve as a distraction from the ultimate goal of converting users into leads. Put simply: Your PPC landing page needs to be focused on a single thing – an offering, a service, a download, a product, etc.

Descriptive and Clear Page Titles

This is something that’s key to getting across your message in concise and simple terms. It’s going to be one of the first things that gets noticed by users, so getting this right is very important and will keep people around for longer. And longer, in this case, is most certainly better.

A Loud, Singular and Prominent Conversion Point

But what is a landing page used for with PPC? The completion of the sign-up form is the only action that should be featured on the landing page. Ensuring the minimization of barriers to entry is essential in order to make sure that you’re maintaining a high conversion rate and a low bounce rate.

Offer Details

The page copy is inclusive of a simple format that assists in increasing the page’s browse-ability. Seeing as the majority of users at this stage will be looking for practical application and facts in relation to your offering, a landing page should be used alongside icon-based bullet points and other means of clear, visual communication with the user. It might even be worthwhile to use comparisons, charts and tables.

Try to remember that a landing page isn’t going to be able to act as a stand-alone marketing tool to reel in all your traffic. When you’re looking at a landing page in the context of a PPC campaign, it’s part of a bigger picture and chain of your campaign that’s got to have all the dots connected in order to reach your original target.

So, what is a landing page used for with PPC?

It’s used to provide clear, concise product information, calls to action and for providing an increase in trust and retention rates.


Ryan Pacificador

Ryan Pacificador

Ryan head our web development team. He's been coding and developing websites and landing pages for a little over 6 years now. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Mindanao. In his free time Ryan enjoys outdoor activities, video games, movies, and spending quality time with his wife.