How To Track Your AdWords ROI

by Ed Stapleton Jr

If you are running a Google AdWords PPC campaign that is not meeting your expectations, it’s time for you to hire an AdWords qualified company. If you are thinking about expanding your Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), then you must ask yourself is it just more efficient to let a…

Is Managed Pay Per Click Advertising Worth Spending Money On?

by Robert Andolina

Pay Per Click is still one of the fastest and most effective ways available for online marketers to go about generating targeted online traffic. However, as a traffic generation method it is not as easy as it once was and is also constantly undergoing change, as Google switches up the…

Steps To Creating A Great PPC Landing Page

by Ryan Pacificador

If you really care about your conversion rates, then you should know that every online campaign needs to have a professionally crafted PPC landing page. This is even more important when it comes to pay-per-click marketing, since with it, every time someone clicks on your ad, you're going to be…

Will PPC Marketing Services Work For My Business?

by Robert Andolina

The Truth About Pay Per Click Marketing Will PPC Marketing Services Work For My Business? Will I be able to increase my sales if I choose to use PPC? If these are two of the most common questions you keep asking yourself at least every day, then it seems you're…

How Much Are AdWords Management Fees?

by Ed Stapleton Jr

How Much Does AdWords Management Cost? Lets say you are this IT consulting firm near Toronto and you lack the time to manage your own AdWords account, then it's safe to say you'll probably let an agency or a professional handle this. However, when you start looking for someone to hire…

How To Narrow Down The Best PPC Advertising Companies

by Robert Andolina

Aren't All PPC Management Companies The Same? While looking for help with your pay per click campaigns you will find there are a lot of PPC advertising companies to choose from. More than you even thought existed! So how are you to narrow down the best companies? Let's look at…

Clients Are Just a Phone Call Away With Googles Call Only Campaigns

by Robert Andolina

Are Googles Click To Call Ads The Greatest Things Ever? As the name suggests, Mobile call-only campaigns are designed to show only on mobile phones with the ability to call. The mobile call- only campaigns are an effective way of search marketing introduced by Google. You sell and buy everything…

Adwords Bid Management Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Profits!

by Ed Stapleton Jr

With more bidders now competing in virtually every Adwords niche and vertical than ever before, and Google constantly making changes to squeeze out more profits for them and their shareholders, you need to have a great bid management strategy to be successful. Many marketers focus a lot on keyboards, ad…

Google Search Network VS Google Display Network

by Robert Andolina

What's The Difference Between The Google Search Network and Display Network If you have ever advertised online before, you are obviously familiar with Google Adwords. Did you know that Google has two Ad networks that are very different? These are the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network. You…

PPC Competitive Intelligence - How It Works

by Ed Stapleton Jr

  PPC is becoming more competitive and the competition is becoming smarter. Many are left wondering how they will be able to defend against rising costs while remaining a step ahead. It is actually quite simple. Leverage the hard work of the competition within your favor. This can be accomplished…

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Working with Rob from Clicks Geek was one of the best decisions we have made as a company in regards to our paid search campaign management. We went from a small failed Adwords campaign to two powerhouses campaigns pulling in over 30+ leads/day.
Matthew Pattoli
Social Vantage
I use Clicks Geek for all my PPC management needs. These guys are hands down the best at providing positive ROI and making your dollar stretch. If you are looking for Adwords PPC marketing that really woks and actually want to get an ROI, then these are the guys to go with.
Armando Saenz
Saenz Digital