Is PPC Marketing Good For My Business?

Pay per click internet advertising model

Types Of Businesses Pay Per Click Marketing Is Right For

A large number of businesses who engage in digital advertising just set and forget their PPC marketing campaigns. They select the keywords, set bidding costs and budget, and let the campaign run its course. This is the most inefficient method of executing digital advertising campaigns. It takes more than this to develop a successful and cost-effective PPC campaign. Businesses should manage their campaigns on a continuous basis to get the best results for the money they spend. The need for a well-managed campaign is especially crucial for some businesses by virtue of the nature of their business or if they are a smaller company.

eCommerce Businesses

For every keyword such as “buy”, “purchase”, or any product name, there are thousands of eCommerce companies bidding on them. Unless you have a big marketing budget, it is very difficult to compete against those sites. In such an environment, you can bring significantly better results by focusing on a large number of highly relevant and low-volume keywords. Such long-tail words that have low bidding pricing and if utilized in large numbers, lead to better conversions. By continuously monitoring the campaign, businesses can remove the non-performing keywords and include more promising words on a regular basis for higher conversions.

Businesses with call-for-action ads

Many businesses execute PPC campaigns which lead to landing pages that demand action from the visitors. The action could be to purchase, signup, donate, fill forms, and so on. Such PPC marketing campaigns register a variety of response from visitors depending on the variables such as their demographics, keywords or the sources. High bounce rates and high conversion rates can be typically observed in such campaigns with respect to a particular set of variables. Such business can save unnecessary expenditure and spend more effectively by continuously analyzing visitors` behavior and tweaking their campaigns optimally.

Consumer Technology Companies

Tens of thousands of devices and laptops are released into the market on a weekly basis. This also means that a keyword which was “hot” one week is not anymore the next. When such consumer technology oriented businesses engage in pay-per-click marketing, they should be on the lookout for latest trends in the market. The buzz surrounding such trends can be used to make necessity changes in the targeting strategy of your campaigns to make them more effective and successful in the long run.

Most people never really put much thought into how they plan to build and execute a PPC marketing strategy or campaign. It’s just like any other form of marketing guys….you need a well laid out actionable plan or you are doomed for failure.


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