Aren’t All PPC Management Companies The Same?

While looking for help with your pay per click campaigns you will find there are a lot of PPC advertising companies to choose from. More than you even thought existed! So how are you to narrow down the best companies? Let’s look at a few options to help differentiate one company from another.

First, consider where you would like to have your PPC advertising promoted, which could be anywhere from social media sites (Facebook Ads) to search engines (Google/Bing) and everywhere in between. A company may even focus on a specific search engines like Google or Bing. Often times, a company will either be a little savvy in each, or focus on a specific platform. Find one that knows both in and out and you are winning.

I would recommend you do some research. Look into their client retention rate and see how many customers are returning customers. If the company has a large turnover rate, they could either be promoting themselves are short-term advertisers or not be very effective.

What do they have to offer you?

google adwords graphicHow much experience does the company have and what additional tools are available to their clients? Are they Google & Bing certified? See what prior customers have to say about things like their quick, or slow, responses to questions, what kind of support they offer (telephone, blogs, email, maybe live chat) and do they have consultation services prior to making any purchases.

Once you have made your purchase, or signed up for their services, what kind of reports will the company send you?

Many companies will send you progress reports to see how much traffic your advertisements are bringing in, and they should offer their clients a choice of weekly, monthly, or daily updates.


Robert Andolina

Robert Andolina

Rob’s the resident PPC expert. He started honing his craft in 2007 and has since turned into one of the premier lead generation experts online today. In his free time Rob hangs out with his wife Heather and puppy Hank.