Why SEO Companies and Consultants Should Hire A White Label PPC Management Service

White Label PPC Management Service

Why You’re Throwing Away Money By Not Hiring A White Label PPC Service Today

Hiring a white label pay per click firm is the best way to successfully execute multiple PPC campaigns for your clients. This service will provide the highest level of expertise required to deliver targeted leads, conversions, and detailed reports to your clients as well. Below are three major reasons why SEO companies and consultants should hire a certified white label service provider.

Higher Income & Profit

A white label service provider will enable you to increase your revenue from PPC within a few months. While your PPC service provider manages all the technical details involved in setting up accounts, creating ads, setting bid prices, monitoring performance, and giving reports, you will be able to focus on gaining more clients. There will be more time to reach out and acquire new customers and provide excellent customer service. Also, your service provider will help you to reduce the cost of building a competent PPC management team through lower project management fees without the need to hire more in-house staff.

Efficient Reporting

You will receive detailed weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reports with metrics that show you activities, budgets, results, leads generated, conversions, and recommendations for improvement. The reports will be sent via email to your clients and branded to your company. You can easily use these reports for better customer service by showing your clients how their click through rates are increasing, the number of new leads, and the improvement in their ad positions, etc. Then you will be able to recommend better ways to increase their conversions from the leads generated.

PPC Offers Instant Lead Generation

White label PPC experts can help your SEO company to set up a PPC campaign within a few hours after funds are made available. In fact, in most cases, your client can start to see a rapid rise in the volume of new leads within just a few days. This may not be very easy to accomplish with in-house staff that are already over-stretched working on several other campaigns simultaneously. But with the quick results provided by white-label experts, your client will be excited to provide more funds to keep the project running. Then you can continue to work on their SEO strategy which usually takes a longer time to provide desired results.

Rapid lead generation, timely reporting, increased revenue/services and profits are not the only reasons why SEO companies and other types of marketing consultants should partner with a white label service provider. So I would seriously consider interviewing a few white-label providers about handing over the management of your clients’ PPC campaigns, or hey theres always us to run your campaigns for you and your clients : p


Ed Stapleton, Jr is a ‘Google Partner’ marketing expert who’s sold over 1,500 Google Ads clients and managed millions in ad spend. He heads up the front of the house at his marketing agency Clicks Geek where he manages sales and strategic relationships.

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