Should I Hire A White Label PPC Service Or Do The Work In-House?

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In House PPC Manager vs. Hiring A White Label PPC Company

When you have a very demanding pay-per-click project to manage, you may outsource the work to a white label service provider, or hire and train your own staff. Both options have their pros and cons. But if you want to upgrade the quality of your PPC management service and generate more profit on the service you are rendering to your clients, you should work with a partner that can offer you the best paid search expertise. Keep reading below, I have laid out a few reasons why you should outsource your PPC to some pros.

White Label PPC Offers Bigger Profits

You will save on the high cost of hiring, training, and staffing your pay per click experts in-house. This will eventually lead to higher profit margins. For instance, instead of spending over $100,000 on one full-time pay-per-click specialist, you can hire a white label PPC service and just pay for the number of hours they used to work on your project. You could also sign an agreement on the total cost of managing each campaign at the onset. Then you will be able to keep your costs low and maximize your profits.

Quick Campaign Adjustments

Outsourcing your PPC management gives you the freedom to grow or reduce the size of your team as the need arises. You won’t be stuck with permanent staff that you will be forced to pay even when they are not fully occupied. With a white-label service, you can build up your team to as many as 12 people in 1 day. When you are through with the project, you can release the members of the team to go and work on other projects.

Access to Certified PPC Experts

Working with a white label ppc service gives you access to a team of Google certified Adwords experts with updated training and certification. These PPC experts have acquired many years of experience on setting up and managing Adword & Bing accounts. They can also handle diverse pay-per-click campaigns on other search engines and social media networks like Facebook. You can work with PPC experts with peace of mind because they know what it takes to deliver the desired number of leads, sales and results within a short time-frame.

Those are just a small fraction of the major reasons why you should partner with a private label ppc service  instead of hiring and training people to do the work in-house. When you partner with a professional company, you will have more time to acquire and keep more clients and deliver better results.


Ed Stapleton, Jr is a ‘Google Partner’ marketing expert who’s sold over 1,500 Google Ads clients and managed millions in ad spend. He heads up the front of the house at his marketing agency Clicks Geek where he manages sales and strategic relationships.

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