How to Choose Between PPC vs. SEO for Auto Glass Replacement Marketing

Small businesses, including auto glass companies, are increasingly turning to the internet to market their services. If you own an auto glass business, you may be trying to decide whether to invest time and money into pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) for your website, and social media campaigns.

PPC ads and website SEO are both excellent auto glass marketing strategies. PPC ads can get your business noticed fast, but as the name suggests, you’ll have to pay for each click- `1lead, even if the potential customer winds up choosing another auto glass company. A good website with an eye toward local SEO can be a fantastic way to promote your auto glass repair services, though it may take time to show up at the top of search results.

How Can My Auto Glass Repair Company use SEO to Attract More Business?

Local SEO refers to a strategy for designing your website to show up prominently when people head to a search engine or mapping apps to look for auto glass services in their area.
You can boost your website by:

  • Featuring positive customer reviews
  • Participating in social media
  • Including relevant SEO keywords on your site that describe the repair and replacement services you offer and the territory you cover
  • Optimizing content for computers and mobile devices

SEO helps drive business to your website even when you aren’t paying for ads. However, it may take some time to optimize your site until search engines take notice.

Companies like Google also like to direct searchers to established sites, so if you’re a new auto glass repair service, PPC ads might be a better choice in the short-term while you establish some longevity.

How Should I Invest in PPC Ads to Market My Auto Glass Repair Services?

PPC ads can be a fast way to direct potential customers to your auto glass shop, but your business must choose appropriate keywords to guarantee a good ROI. Your goal is to capture leads that turn into customers instead of paying for the clicks of people who don’t need your services.

For that reason, you may invest in search terms like “windshield replacement.” You might also consider excluding what’s known as “negative keywords.” If you’re marketing for auto glass services, you may exclude search terms like “auto repair” so you don’t wind up attracting people who need new tires, engine work, or other services you don’t provide.

When done right, PPC ads are a fantastic way to generate leads quickly without the lag time that may come from an SEO campaign.

When Should My Auto Glass Company Think About Hiring a Professional Marketing Business?

A high-performance marketing agency like ClicksbGeek can help you get started on a PPC campaign or a fresh website design angled toward SEO. Whether you own a young company or an established business that’s had trouble with digital marketing in the past, call an expert at Clicks Geek today (917-310-1597) for help reeling in new customers!


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