How to Pitch SEO Services – Sales Presentation Outline

The process of selling SEO Services

No matter what size client or industry you’re pitching SEO services to, the sales presentation will generally remain the same.

Many sales “professionals” pride themselves on being able to improvise conversations on the fly.

Although this is an impressive quality, it’s not the best solution to get results; neither is reading directly from a script.

The answer is a balance between the two.

It’s important to at least have a general presentation outlined and memorized in order to more effectively pitch seo services to clients.


SEO Sales Pitch Presentation (Basics)

Since there are countless scenarios in which you can find yourself pitching SEO, it’s important that we start with the following assumptions in mind…

  1. The presentation is delivered over the phone or on screen-share conference calls
  2. The meeting has been scheduled before-hand and is not your first touch-point

Selling Over the Phone

Selling SEO over the phone is significantly different than meeting someone in person.

The difference is the person can’t see you.

Humans communicate more through body language and tonality than the actual content of words.

Prospects create a mental image in their heads, while on the phone, based on vocal tonality, in order to compensate for not seeing you.

Therefore, it is vitally important to be aware of the emotions you are conveying in any given moment through your tone of voice.


Hooking the Prospect

The majority of our days are spent following habitual patterns of behavior.

The default of all organisms is to not change habits because it requires energy expenditure.

You must shock prospects out of this state of haze.

This can be accomplished by presenting a hook that a) speaks directly to the prospect’s external and internal needs b) is extremely clear and c) is outside of the norm (hyperbolic or weird).


Are They Qualified?

You want to immediately move into a buyer frame as soon as you’ve got the attention of your prospect.

It’s important to have clear standards for the types of clients you want to work with.

Probe the client for these indicators to determine if they a) need your services and b) are a good fit.

Some broad qualifiers are the following…

  1. They have a need for more customers and SEO will likely provide that results with a great ROI
  2. They have the marketing budget to afford your services

Ask as many questions as you need to in order to determine if the prospect is a good fit for your services.

Politely end the conversation if the business isn’t qualified or move to the next step if they are.


Your Elevator Pitch

A great transitioning phrase into your elevator pitch is, “based on everything you just told me this service is perfect fit for you”

Then, move into a 2 minute (or less) presentation of your services.

Start by outlining your service, process, and 2-3 logical selling points.


Trial Close

Virtually every individual has a set of objections in their mind that you need to address in order to unlock the sale.

Generally, prospects won’t directly tell you what these are so they have to be forced to the surface.

You can do this by going for the close early with the expectation of an objection arising. Think of this as a way to mine for their mental blocks so that they can be addressed.

Otherwise, you can go for 30 minutes to an hour on call, not get the sale, and wonder why they didn’t buy.


Handling Objections (The Loop)

The majority of prospects need to be sold both logically and emotionally to invest in your services.

Begin with a logical pitch followed by a trial close. You may get the sale here (low-hanging fruit) but most prospects will still have objections that need to be addressed.

The art of handling these objections is in something called a loop.

Don’t directly oppose the force of their objection but instead redirect it like a tai chi master.

The structure of handling an objection remains the same…

  1. Acknowledge and re-iterate their objection
  2. Redirect their attention
  3. Resell your services with a focus on addressing their objection


Example Loop

You: logical elevator pitch

You – Close: “so, what do you say?”

Them – Objection: “uhh well, I got to think it over”

You – Loop: “I hear what you’re saying but let me ask you this, does the idea at least make sense to you?”

Them: “I mean, yeah, I just need to run this by some people before moving forward”

Note: you just got them to logically agree your services make sense. Now, you want to further spike their buying temperature by repitching them with more selling points (that you intentionally left out of the first pitch) and going for the close once more.

You – Resell: “Okay, great and I didn’t even mention this but the best part of this service is that…”



Continue running the same looping pattern until you have addressed all their objections.

You may have to iterate several times until a prospect reaches their action threshold.

Either way, keep in mind that not everyone is a buyer and how far you want to push things is up to you.

However, you have already determined that they need your services and can afford it so it is a disservice to you and the prospect if you don’t push through the discomfort in order to make the sale.

Check out our exact SEO sales pitch script template that will help you craft an effective pitch deck to help with your SEO sales process.

Happy selling!


Ed Stapleton, Jr is a ‘Google Partner’ marketing expert who’s sold over 1,500 Google Ads clients and managed millions in ad spend. He heads up the front of the house at his marketing agency Clicks Geek where he manages sales and strategic relationships.

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