SEO Sales Pitch Script – Example Template for Pitching SEO Services

seo sales pitch example

One of the hardest stages of selling SEO is getting the pitch presentation right. Most prospects tend to show great interest, at least until the money is in question.

There’s countless variables that must align in order to make a sale but the one you have full control over is how you present your services.

There are two things that matter most in your presentation… the content (what you say) and how you say it.

The first quick improvement you can likely make in your sales process is using a script. Now, I’m not saying you should read from a script (that sounds too robotic) but at least have one created and in front of you to give some structure to your conversations.

Second, you’ll want to start paying close attention to the phrases you using and your tonality. Certain phrases and tonality can trigger psychological defenses in your prospects so it’s vitally important to be aware of these. We have already written a detailed guide on SEO client seduction phrases so check that out!

For this article, we’ve put together an example of an SEO sales pitch script in which you can take and shape to your own style of selling.


Example Script for Pitching SEO Services

There are few components of a sales pitch that you’ll want to understand before jumping on calls.

  • The Hook
  • Qualification
  • Your Pitch
  • Handling Objections
  • Closing

In this example cover mostly the pitch and objection section since we’ve already written extensively on questions to ask SEO clients and building rapport.

Note: I went ahead and italicized all the speaking portions of this example script. Anything that isn’t italicized are my personal notes and comments. Lastly, some information is filled in with placeholders (indicated by brackets) as these will change depending on a variety of factors.



You: Hey, this is [name] from [company], how are you doing today [prospect_name]?

Prospect: Good, how are you doing?

You: I’m great! Thanks for jumping on a call – now still a good time for ya?

Prospect: yeah, now’s still good.

You: Cool, so I’m not even sure if what I got is for you but figured we could dig into each other’s businesses a bit to see if there’s a fit, how’s that sound?

Get ‘yesses’ internally or verbally from the prospect throughout your conversation to train this behavior.

Prospect: Sounds good to me.

You: Perfect, so maybe we can start with a little background about you and your company, what got you into this business in the first place?

Move into the qualification phase of your presentation…


the client pitch presentation

Your Sales Pitch (After Qualification)

At this point in the conversation you want to make the decision of whether to turn down the business or go for a sale based on their answers to your qualifying questions.

Go for the pitch assuming the prospect will benefit from your help and is a good fit for your services.

You (Transition Phrase): Well [prospect_name], based on everything you just told me this service will be a PERFECT fit for you!

Emphasize the ‘perfect’ in your sentence. You want the prospect to feel confident in this statement so make sure to convey this with your phrasing and tonality.

You (Elevator Pitch): It sounds like you’re a lot like me and are very open minded about trying new things to improve your business. Over the past [years_in_business] years I’ve been helping business, just like yours, grow their revenue using internet marketing strategies.

My company specializes in SEO because it’s proven time and again to be the best return on investment for the majority of our local clients.

Put simply, what we do is… [high-level (simple) explanation of what SEO is and the process]

Based on what you said about your current situation, every time I’ve worked with someone in a similar position we got exceptional results!

So, I’m confident in saying that if we rank your website higher, it’ll likely bring in another [#] visitors, which would likely produce [#] extra leads per month, and I’d expect [%] of those to convert into paying customers; that’s around [$ amount] additional monthly revenue to your bottom line, not even accounting repeat customers. How does that sound?

Prospect: Sounds great to me!

You: Right! So, In order to achieve this we’ll need to… [more detailed explanation of your process and service]

The good news is, we can do all this for you for only [your pricing packages]

Believe me [prospect_name], if you’re HALF as successful as my last 3 clients… you’ll be very very impressed – what do you think?

Prospect: Well, I’m not sure I’m ready to commit at this point. I’m gonna have to think this over for a bit.


Handling Objections

In general, pitch clients on as little information as possible. Save your best sales points for offer their first objection so you can continual boost the perceived value of what you’re offering them.

That being said, expect to get some form of objection on your first attempt at closing.

You never want to disagree with the prospect’s concerns. Think of yourself as a Tai Chi master who catches their objection and redirects the energy.

Here’s the structure of handling a client objection…

  1. Agree and empathize
  2. Redirect their attention
  3. Resell your services around their specific objection

Let’s see what this would look like for the objection example above…

You: Of course, you don’t want to jump too fast into anything but let me ask you this… you like the idea, right? It makes sense for you?

Prospect: Yeah, of course! It’s just a big commitment to make with someone who I met over the phone…”

You can see that another buying objection has surfaced from the prospect: they don’t know you and don’t do business with people over the phone. This is a fairly common objection you’ll get so don’t be surprised when this is the true objection underlying their surface level concerns.

You: I get that! Hell, by now, you probably have forgotten my name haha – Let me take a step back and introduce myself…

At this point, begin re-selling your services but center the pitch around you as a person and your company ideals. Tell stories and anecdotes about your life that demonstrate values such as passion, honesty, hard work, etc.

At the end of your diatribe, go again for the sale attempt



The objection loop mentioned above will likely repeat several times before you make a sale. Some client will close on your first attempt but most will take 2-3 iterations.

Push as much as you can for the sale but understand there is a balance here. Some businesses are just not ready to purchase that very moment. This doesn’t mean, however, that they won’t buy from you at some point in the future.

Push the conversation as far as you can without burning the relationship. If you find that the prospect just won’t budge, end the conversation graciously and ask if you can keep them updated and touch base every now and again.

Then, work on prospecting for new SEO clients to keep your pipeline full!


Ed Stapleton, Jr is a ‘Google Partner’ marketing expert who’s sold over 1,500 Google Ads clients and managed millions in ad spend. He heads up the front of the house at his marketing agency Clicks Geek where he manages sales and strategic relationships.

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