Water Damage Company Advertising Ideas: The Best Ways To Attract More Customers

Water damage restoration companies, in most cases, are very territorial. When given a choice, many homeowners will use the same local water restoration business for the duration of their time in a neighborhood.

If you manage a new restoration service, you need to somehow get a leg up on your competitors.

Here are some water damage company advertising ideas to grow your business.

A Google Ads Water Damage Restoration Business Campaign

One key bullet point in your marketing strategy should be to start a campaign with Google Ads. Why? Because Google Ads places your website at the top of specific Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). So, if someone is searching for “water damage restoration service near me,” for example, they would see your company first.

Google Ads also lets campaign managers run a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign that only charges you when a potential customer clicks on the link you’re promoting. You can customize your campaign to reach your target audience. You can do this by filtering the campaign by age, location, interests, and more.

This digital marketing method improves your future restoration marketing because it gives you insight into how many people clicked on your promotion and converted to paying customers.

A Functional Website

Before you can move forward with an online marketing campaign, you’ll need to create a credible website for your restoration business. You want your website to be well-designed and highly functional.

But most importantly, your website should be easy-to-use. A way to make it easy for your customers to navigate the site is to include call-to-actions on every webpage. Call-to-actions get your visitors to where you want them to go, such as your contact page.

Creating relevant landing pages is also a good idea. For example, including a “water damage restoration services” page that shows off all your business has to offer allows customers to see what you’re all about quickly.

Social Media Marketing

Perhaps the most crucial marketing resource in today’s world is a social media platform. Soon, the millennial generation is going to make up most of the world’s homeowners. Owners in the cleaning and restoration industry must know how to connect with this generation.

Engaging with people on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram helps keep your company fresh on their minds. Most of these platforms also allow you to run paid ads reaching millions of potential leads.


While online tech is new school, there’s nothing wrong with old school flyers. A water damage restoration company is typically localized, so getting out in your community and connecting with your customer base is perhaps the best way to get people to remember you.

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