Marketing with PPC vs. SEO for Pool Services: Advantages and Disadvantages

In 2020, after experiencing year-over-year increases since 2015, swimming pool construction and pool services revenue declined dramatically in the United States due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the IBISWorld Swimming Pools in the U.S. Industry Report expects demand for pool services to skyrocket over the next five years as the economy recovers.

As a swimming pool company, what’s the best way to capture your share of new business from homeowners and developers?

Going Online With Digital Marketing Approaches

It’s no surprise to swimming pool company owners that most people find their pool companies through an internet search. But are you doing all you can to ensure that customers can find your swimming pools website easily? If not, you are risking the loss of a lot of pool business.

The leading marketing approaches to ensure that your pool service is easily accessible through a Google search results page are:

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  2. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements

It’s not a question of PPC vs. SEO: Swimming pool companies should incorporate both strategies into their digital marketing plan. To do so, it’s important to understand how the unique benefits of SEO and PPC complement each other to create an effective pool service digital marketing program.

The Benefits of SEO

Optimizing your pool company website’s content is essential in attracting organic (non-paid) traffic from search engines. If your business is not appearing near the top of the search results page for leading swimming pool industry keywords, you need to improve SEO on your website content.

Here are a few fundamental steps to get started with content SEO:

  • Add keywords: Include keywords—words or phrases people will use to find you in search—in all your website content
  • Make sure your site looks good on mobile: Approximately 75% of consumers use smartphones to access business sites
  • Update your content frequently: Search engines give higher search placement to sites that are updated often
  • Create a Google My Business page: Google allows you to create a business page to promote your services organically

Although SEO is an essential part of a marketing strategy, it can take months for content SEO to drive traffic and leads. So it’s important to include PPC advertising in your plan, too, so you can cover the short-term.

How an Investment in PPC Can Drive Revenue

In 2020, Google Ads’ (formerly Google AdWords) PPC program resulted in 50% more leads-to-business conversions than did SEO efforts. The top benefits of PPC advertising include:

  • Delivers leads and calls almost immediately after posting a PPC ad
  • Easy-to-measure results
  • Offers a wealth of customer data through Google Analytics
  • Allows you to target customers based on interest in pool services, location, income, and other factors
  • Provides a cheaper way to attract customers since you only pay if someone clicks on an ad
  • Offers you budget and pricing control
  • ROI often beats what you’d spend in SEO content pricing

Need Help With SEO and PPC?

Managing content SEO and PPC campaigns can be complex and time-consuming. Fortunately, our Clicks Geek marketing company can manage your PPC and SEO strategies while you focus on servicing the incoming leads that visit your website. Clicks Geek will take care of everything from keyword research and writing ads to page conversion rate optimization that will drive success. Contact us at Clicks Geek at 917-310-1597 to grow revenue in a flash.


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