PPC vs. SEO for Podiatric Doctors: How to Use Both to Get New Patients


If you are looking to grow your clientele for your practice with a marketing campaign, you will likely have come across the acronyms SEO and PPC in your research. These six letters could mean the difference between a successful online advertising campaign and your website’s burial under page after page of other search results. You can avoid online obscurity for your podiatry practice with these strategies.

Pay-per-click advertising and SEO practice both have their place when it comes to bringing more traffic to your website. However, it is good to know the differences and integrate both in internet marketing campaigns for your practice.

Is PPC the Same Digital Marketing Strategy as Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

No, these are not the same digital marketing strategies. While both practices are similar, the methods differ in quite a few ways. The main difference is that the former is not a free option. Its identity as a paid-ad strategy is even included in the name–you will have to pay for every click. However, if you budget wisely, you will likely see a nice return on your investment.

Using SEO content on your website can be free, and therefore, a more cost-effective plan. With proper site optimization, potential patients could be finding you more naturally. Though SEO integration won’t lead to results overnight, the long-term results are undeniable. It takes a little more careful planning, but properly optimizing your content will lead to steady growth.

What are Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click Strategies?

SEO advertising techniques include generating keywords that relate to your business and using those words in the content on your website. Keywords are words that people frequently look for, and where they appear in a website helps search engines determine if that website has content relevant to the user’s query. The more relevant the content, the higher it appears in the search engine results. SEO also involves other adjustments both to your website’s structure and its content to privilege it in Google’s rankings.

Whereas SEO keyword integration can be less expensive, a PPC campaign will take a little more of your advertising budget. PPC campaigns through Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) take this concept of keyword searches and allow you to purchase result spots for specific terms, such as “painful arches doctor.” These ads appear at the very top of the results pages, even before the organic results. Paid ads can be a quick way to generate traffic to your website. You pay for each time a searcher clicks through to your website.

Is SEO or PPC Better for Podiatric Doctors?

To maximize your potential audience, your healthcare marketing strategy should include both SEO and PPC practices, along with social media marketing, content marketing with blogs, and smart website design for your practice. If you have the name, email address, and street address of your client, you can also market using those as well.

No one method of reaching people is better than another. Instead, they each have a proper place within a marketing campaign. If you’re a podiatrist looking to increase your pool of prospective patients, make sure you consider incorporating both of these marketing methods into your campaign.

Paid ads can help you to reach those in need of a podiatrist quickly, but you shouldn’t take the organic growth your business can experience with properly optimized content for granted, either. For help growing your online presence, contact us at Clicks Geek today for a free consultation. Call us at 917-310-1597 and tell us about your needs!


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