PPC vs. SEO for Doctors’ Offices: Match the Strategy with Your Marketing Goal

Your Choice Between PPC and SEO for Doctors’ Offices

The way that we intake information changes constantly. As a medical professional, you are almost certainly aware that patients have access to a wealth of information online, for better or for worse. Sometimes this can lead to instances of misinformation, causing patients who have conducted shallow research to jump to drastic conclusions. This is where PPC advertising and SEO content come into play for your strategy.

Imagine if a patient searched for symptoms they were experiencing, and your medical practice appeared in the search engine results pages. That can happen with a proper digital marketing plan. Both a PPC campaign and SEO search engine marketing (SEM) strategies can lead your practice to experience significant growth in potential patients.

The Benefits of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC marketing strategies rely on putting your practice in front of as many potential patients as possible to improve your click-through rate to your web pages. With this paid-ad system, you can display advertising to attract more patients simply by paying a fee so that your business will appear at the top, above all of the organic results.

When running an ad campaign, you can’t only focus on the paid-search aspect, though. A marketing expert may need to advise you to help create an overall PPC marketing strategy. Instead of waiting for organic growth, you can consider this approach as a type of jumpstart to get your campaign going.

With paid advertising, you have a better chance of reaching potential patients much faster through high rankings in search engine returns pages than with alternative marketing methods. You gain a new potential client every time someone clicks. But this type of marketing isn’t free, so be sure to consider that when drawing up your medical marketing budget.

The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For search engines like Google, links appear on the results pages according to how well the content matches your search queries and the domain authority of your site. Google algorithms determine this ranking based on the structure and content on your website.

Figuring out the kind of content a search engine looks for in a given search is the basis of what SEO strategies are all about. With website optimization, you can attract people without paid sponsorship, making it more cost-effective for the long-term.

Building your brand with a solid SEO strategy provides your practice with a foundation for long-term growth. While a paid-ad campaign may be tempting to boost traffic to your website, more organic growth can possibly lead to more loyal patients visiting your practice.

Search engine marketing can be tricky, but with practice and patience, you can hone in on words your prospective patients might look for and then guide those people to your practice’s website.

Which Strategy Should You Use For Your Medical Practice

For the best results when marketing your healthcare organization, use paid ads and SEO in tandem. Taking advantage of both PPC campaigns and SEO marketing trends will allow you to cast a wider net for potential patients. Adding SEO efforts to your campaign can get you a better return on investment for your paid ads, too. Neither marketing strategy is better than the other; they function best when used together.

For more medical marketing insights with SEO and PPC and to get the most ROI with your healthcare marketing strategy, contact us at Clicks Geek at 917-310-1597.

As a healthcare marketer, we can help get your business at the top of relevant search results pages and increase traffic to your website. Combine our high-quality PPC service with your long term approach with optimization for search engines, email marketing and social media marketing.


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