Orthopedic Doctor Advertising Ideas: Vital Strategies to Grow Your Business

Like any thriving medical business, orthopedic practices rely on a steady stream of new and returning patients to generate revenue and grow. But how do you capture the attention of potential patients in a highly competitive environment? The old ways of building a business based on physician referrals and your listing in the phone book just don’t cut it anymore.

Whether you’re an orthopedic surgeon or an orthopedic physician specializing in pediatrics or sports medicine, you need an effective internet marketing plan to drive practice success. Most patients now use search engines like Google to find their physicians, so you must have a web presence that engages your audience. Clicks Geek, experts in internet marketing, suggests the following orthopedic doctor advertising ideas to get patients into your waiting room.

A Healthy Website: The Key to an Effective Orthopedic Marketing Plan

Your patients won’t find your orthopedic practice website in search results if it isn’t rich with search engine friendly content. If you want your website to appear as a top result in Google, use these orthopedic marketing tips:

  • Add keywords: Google uses the “keywords” in a search query—for example, “orthopedic surgeons in my area” or “bone surgery”—to find relevant content. Make sure your website content is loaded with keywords that patients would likely use to discover your practice.
  • Optimize images: Photos of your work and staff must include alt tags that allow a search to recognize the content of the images.
  • Update frequently: Post new content regularly to let search know your site is fresh and worthy of a high ranking in search results.
  • Create landing pages for social media and advertising campaigns: When people click on one of your social media posts or digital ads, ensure that they land on a page that includes a call to action that will convert the lead into new business.

Leverage the Power of Google AdWords for Orthopedic Marketing

Investing in a Google AdWords campaign is one of the most effective medical marketing strategies orthopedic doctors can use to build their orthopedic practice. Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns (you only pay when people click on your ads) are a highly effective digital marketing strategy for driving leads to your site. These inbound marketing campaigns are 50% more likely to convert leads into new patients than non-paid traffic.

Benefits of using PPC for healthcare marketing include:

  • Allow highly targeted advertising that focus on people interested in orthopedics and live in your area
  • Provide an inexpensive way to get your practice in front of millions of people
  • Drive lots of high-value leads to your site
  • Offer the ability to track campaign success in real-time

Many physicians don’t have the time to manage the complexities of PPC campaigns. Count on the Google Premier Partners at Clicks Geek to create highly successful advertising campaigns to meet your business goals. We have a strong history of transforming marketing ideas into profits.

Looking for Orthopedic Doctor Advertising Ideas?

Clicks Geeks can help you do everything from building PPC campaigns to developing custom landing pages on your website. Checkout case studies of how we’ve helped our clients meet their revenue goals. Then contact us online or by calling 917-310-1597.


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