5 Tips When Developing a Marketing Plan for Immigration Lawyers

Immigration law firms today must focus on a clear marketing strategy to attract potential clients. Given the competitiveness of the market, lawyers have no choice but to venture into the world of digital advertising.
In this article, you’ll learn the most effective techniques to incorporate into a marketing plan for immigration lawyers. These high-impact, low-cost online marketing solutions enable you to build your company effectively.

Websites are Essential for Immigration Law Services

Relying on word-of-mouth recommendations is difficult in this industry. People aren’t typically quick to admit it if they’re here illegally. They’ll spend much of their time, however, searching for solutions online.

The first step toward enhancing your immigration law marketing campaign is to ensure that your website is up to scratch. To effectively market immigration services, your site must:

  • Reflect your professionalism and feature a clean, simple website design
  • Load in three seconds or less
  • Be optimized for mobile
  • Be secure
  • Explain your services and provide clear contact details, like phone number and email address
  • Have bios for each immigration lawyer at the practice
  • Provide some sort of multi-lingual support for non-English speakers

The Case for PPC Marketing for Law Firms

Pay-per-click advertising is like a visa in the search engine world. It grants you access to the top spot of the search results for your keywords. Your advertisement displays as a sponsored post first on the page.

When someone requires an immigration lawyer, they’re bound to click through to your website. PPC advertising differs from traditional advertising because you pay for results rather than impressions. This makes it more cost-effective than traditional advertising.

It’s also more effective than social media marketing strategies because your services receive wider exposure. Search engines also provide more useful data than social media sites.

Content Marketing for the Immigration Lawyer

Marketing immigration services requires both a short- and long-term strategy. PPC advertisements provide instant results but do little to help you garner organic traffic.

Content marketing brings in organic traffic over the long term. You won’t see results immediately, but your blog posts and videos will be live for years online. By creating valuable resources for your clients, you position yourself as an expert immigration lawyer.

You’ll have more visitors clicking through and staying on your website. Both factors are critical parts of search engine optimization (SEO) for your firm.

Be sure to cover topics such as:

  • What to look for in a law firm
  • The requirements to obtain permanent citizenship
  • How clients can legalize their stay in the United States

SEO for Immigration Lawyers

SEO entails more than merely providing a wealth of content on your website. You must also consider:

  • Ensuring that all your company details across various directories and review websites are correct
  • Updating the site regularly
  • Using the correct keywords naturally to improve SEO
  • Building links from authoritative sites
  • Using schema markup
  • Ensuring that you lay your content out in a logical way
  • Creating content that impresses both search engines and clients

Speak to the Specialists in Law Firm Marketing

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