Marketing Plan for Contractors: Strategies to Grow Your New Business

The success of a new contracting business often hinges on the marketing strategies that you employ. To help your business grow, you must use the correct tools to reach your target audience.

This post will teach you which strategies to use when launching a marketing plan for contractors. Employ them to build your client base and cement client relationships.

Build a Stellar Website

Putting together a reliable website is much like mixing cement: you need the right proportion of ingredients to create a sound structure. Here are the primary factors that underpin your site’s success:

  • A professional design: Convincing a search engine to rank your website starts with clean, functional coding and the correct markup. Obtaining the proper mix between a site that looks great and operates well is tricky for an amateur.
  • Use a mobile-first, responsive design: This ensures that your website displays well across all manner of devices.
  • High-quality content: Pages littered with typos or sub-standard text do little to reassure potential customers about your professionalism as a contractor.
  • Make it easy to find information: Rule one with marketing for contractors is to ensure that visitors quickly find the information they need. List all your business contact details in large text at the top of each page.

Add PPC Marketing to Bring in Concrete Leads

Search engine optimization is tricky for a new business. With a new domain name and relatively low traffic levels, it’s difficult to convince search engines that your contracting company is credible.

Pay-per-click advertising offers you a way around this issue. Paying for Google or Bing ads helps you skip a few rungs in the SEO ladder. You’ll still need to optimize your site, but PPC helps you grow your business and bring in new customers consistently.

Strengthen Your Build with Social Media Marketing

Any digital marketing plan today should include at least one social media page. Maintain a page on the site that your target market is most likely to use. Incorporate a weekly or daily posting schedule into your contractor marketing plan, and stick to it.

Google My Business Today

GMB falls into the category of top marketing ideas because it’s a free tool Google provides. It’s a mini-site that helps you to advertise your contractor business, so claim your page today.

Doing so provides your clients with a somewhat neutral platform on which to leave reviews. It’s also a platform to post links to work done, updates for your business, and engaging with new and repeat customers.

Content Marketing Lays the Foundation for Future Growth

Creating resources in blog posts or videos that your target market finds useful will ensure future growth. High-quality informational content that provides good solutions to questions web users may ask attracts users and keeps them on your website.

Both of these are important ranking factors. The additional benefit is that updated blog posts give you a reason to contact clients via email marketing.

Contact Clicks Geek to Solidify Your Contractor Marketing Strategy Today

Schedule your strategizing session today and find out how we help construction companies achieve the top rank in search results quickly. Our team enables you to create a solid online marketing strategy that makes a measurable impact.


Ed Stapleton, Jr is a ‘Google Partner’ marketing expert who’s sold over 1,500 Google Ads clients and managed millions in ad spend. He heads up the front of the house at his marketing agency Clicks Geek where he manages sales and strategic relationships.

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