How to Create an Effective Marketing Plan for Car Detailing Businesses

If you run an auto detailing business, there’s no shortage of demand for your services—the average American spends over 10 hours a week in the car. The question is, do people know about your services? That’s one goal of a marketing campaign, to make local customers aware of your business. However, a well-executed plan can do more than that. It will make people want to use your service.

By creating a website, building your online presence, and taking advantage of business tools such as Google ads, you can expand your customer base and maximize your revenue. How do you create an effective marketing strategy?

Establish a Website & Online Presence

These days, consumers expect businesses of all types to be online. More than that, they expect a professional, easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly site that makes the information they need—like your contact info or detailing services—readily available.

Consider this: 46% of the two trillion Google searches every year are for local information, and 88% of those searchers contact one of the companies they find within 24-hours. If you don’t have a website, you’re skipping over a massive pool of potential customers.

How SEO Can Work for Your Auto Detailing Business

Once you have a website, the next step is to make sure people searching for something like “[location] car detailer” see your site at the top of their results. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to achieving that.

SEO involves a mix of on- and off-site actions to improve your search engine ranking, such as creating keyword-focused content, making sure your website offers a great user experience, and creating links from relevant outside sources, such as car dealerships, the local car wash, or a popular auto shop, back to your site to build authority.

Invest in the Right Advertising

SEO is an excellent way to bring in new customers to your car detailing business in the long-term, but what about right now? You can still put the popularity of online searches to work for your business plan using digital advertising. While there are many ways to do that, Google ads are the most effective.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads allow you to claim that coveted spot at the top of search results without all the work. If you’ve ever seen links that say “Ad” before your results on Google, you’ve seen a PPC ad.
The best thing about Google ads is that you only pay if someone clicks on your ad, and you get to choose what searches they appear in to focus solely on your target audience. On average, for every $1 a business spends on Google ads, they see $8 in profit!

Stay In Touch With Your Customers

To prompt more word-of-mouth referrals for your company, you can also use your online presence to strengthen relationships with repeat customers.
For instance, use your social media profiles, website, and subscriber list to share business promotions or information your customers might find useful to keep their cars in tip-top shape. You can also use these channels to improve your customer service—respond and interact with your customers directly.

Give Your Auto Detailing Business a Boost Today

At ClicksGeek, we can help turn your marketing ideas into reality. Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur just getting started detailing cars or an established auto detailer, get in touch with our team at 917-310-1597 to see what an effective marketing strategy can do for your business.


Ed Stapleton, Jr is a ‘Google Partner’ marketing expert who’s sold over 1,500 Google Ads clients and managed millions in ad spend. He heads up the front of the house at his marketing agency Clicks Geek where he manages sales and strategic relationships.

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