Strategies to Include in Your Marketing Plan for Bankruptcy Lawyers

Several aspects must come together to build a law firm effectively. For attorneys offering bankruptcy services, effective marketing strategies are among the critical components for success. Your legal skills are important, but your law firm will never thrive without a steady supply of new clients.

The focus of this article is creating an effective marketing plan for bankruptcy lawyers. You’ll learn how to go beyond bar association directory listings and net qualified leads for your law firm. These high-impact, low-risk solutions will help you build your bankruptcy firm steadily.

Websites are the Closing Argument for Law Firms

Potential clients are often embarrassed to declare bankruptcy. Those that have been through the process are unlikely to advertise the fact for the same reason. Bankruptcy law firms cannot rely solely on word-of-mouth recommendations.

Your marketing strategy leads clients to your website, and your site convinces them that you’re the correct bankruptcy attorney for them. Make a lasting impression by:

  • Hiring a professional to design your website
  • Optimizing the site for mobile
  • Ensuring that the site is secure
  • Building a knowledge base that is a valuable resource and demonstrates your expertise
  • Posting thorough bios for all the bankruptcy attorneys at your firm
  • Ensuring that the contact details are clear

Drive Traffic with PPC Marketing for Bankruptcy Attorneys

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the top marketing strategies for any bankruptcy attorney. Unlike search engine optimization (SEO), PPC marketing guarantees the top spot in internet searches.

It’s a low-risk, high-reward strategy because you pay for results. When you bid, you may opt to only pay for clicks through to your site.

It’s more cost-effective than working through a lead-generation company and is also an excellent way to make sure that Google algorithm updates don’t decimate your traffic.

Unlike with paid social media, your firm also receives valuable data about what potential clients respond to most.

SEO for Your Bankruptcy Law Firm

It’s never advisable to rely on one form of digital marketing alone. Using SEO best practices in conjunction with marketing ensures that your bankruptcy law firm grows.

SEO requires work, but it’s worth the effort because it drives organic traffic to your website. While there are many “hacks” online, there is no substitute for providing top-quality content.

Create content as carefully as you would a brief for a Chapter 7 motion. Consider past cases you’ve dealt with in your bankruptcy business and the questions clients asked you. While you cannot provide full details of each case, you may create case studies, answer questions, and give general information.

Look at the search results to see the top-ranking answers to the most commonly asked questions and provide more comprehensive solutions. It’s a smart way to demonstrate your expertise while providing genuine support.

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