Marketing an Orthopedia Practice Online: Follow These Best Practices

Most people aren’t thinking about orthopedia on a daily basis. They might see a billboard for a practice on their drive to work but completely ignore it since they’re perfectly healthy. However, once someone needs orthopedic care, they will turn to the internet instantly for advice.

Follow these tips to make sure your orthopedia practice stands out online.

Build a Flawless Orthopedic Practice Website

Websites are the backbone of all online marketing strategies. Without one, your entire advertising plan will fall apart.

Although we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, many people assess the trustworthiness of their orthopedic surgeon based on their website. An up-to-date site shows patients that you are professional, modern, and easy to contact.

These days, getting patients to visit your website is relatively simple. Convincing them to schedule a consultation is far more difficult.

Ensure that your website makes the best possible impression by:

  • Optimizing page load speed
  • Ensuring the layout makes sense
  • Designing it with mobile and tablet users in mind
  • Securing it with an SSL certificate
  • Listing your orthopedic practice contact details and address
  • Explaining your services and specialties
  • Adding bios for all the orthopedic surgeons and team members
  • Using HTML markup so pages can be indexed by search engines

Incorporate Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising to Gain Patients

PPC advertising is your secret weapon for orthopedic marketing. In essence, you pay search engines to prioritize your ads over organic results.

When a patient searches for targeted keywords such as “Sports medicine” or “orthopedic practice,” your advertisement appears at the top of the list. And since most people never click past the first page of results, these ads help you get much more traffic.

PPC should not be your only method of gaining leads, but it is an excellent way to get ahead of other orthopedic practices, especially if their websites rank higher than yours.

Take Control of Your Google My Business (GMB) Page

Google provides all businesses the chance to stake their claim on the search engine. With GMB, you get a personalized page to show off your business. Completing your free Google My Business page on take 30 minutes of your time.

Google My Business helps your business:

  • Appear in more local searches to attract new patients
  • Share posts, images, and advertisements
  • Collect patient reviews and answer questions
  • Link to online scheduling software to make scheduling appointments simpler

Incorporate Content Marketing

Content (or inbound) marketing is a way to attract potential patients subtly. Instead of pushing them to make an appointment, you provide them with useful information through blogs, videos, and so on. You might, for example, provide articles about warm-up exercises or explain how a surgery works.

The key to content marketing is to provide your audience with high-quality information for free. By doing them this “favor,” you reinforce your expertise as an expert. This serves a dual purpose —improving your search engine optimization and ensuring that patients call you when they need a doctor.

Make sure you wrap up each orthopedic marketing post with a call to action.

Boost Your Efforts with Social Media

Which social media platforms do your patients most actively use? Incorporate pages on these sites plays a crucial role in your practice’s marketing strategy. The right marketing efforts can drive traffic to your website and help you book more appointments.

Consistency is key to this form of digital marketing. You’ll need to commit to posting a few times per week. Make sure you are also engaging your audience, so ask questions, respond to comments, and interact with the community.

Get Your Custom Orthopedic Marketing Plan Today

Contact the team at Clicks Geek today and schedule your consultation. As your go-to healthcare marketing agency, we’ll help your practice stand out from the crowd.


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