How to Start Mold Removal Marketing Campaigns for New Businesses

Starting a new mold removal business takes time and effort. Even if you’ve assembled the best mold inspection and treatment team, leads aren’t easy to get. You face stiff competition from every mold remediation company in the area and have little name recognition.

A strong mold removal marketing campaign can kick your lead generation and business development efforts into overdrive. While this is easy to say, where do you start?

Read over these tips so you can get your company off the ground and build your digital presence.

It Starts with Clean, Professional Website Design

An amateur website sticks out like black mold on a beige wall. Getting your site in pristine condition is the first step in your mold restoration marketing process.

A good-looking, easy to use site helps attract and convert prospective customers. Moreover, your site needs to make sense to search engines, or else it won’t be ranked.

Make sure your website:

  • Loads as quickly as possible
  • Outlines your mold removal business services
  • Clearly lists your business name, phone number, and email address
  • Shows photographs and testimonials of your work
  • Appears normally on mobile devices
  • Follows SEO best practices
  • Contains useful content ideas that visitors are likely to share

Drive Traffic with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

Today everyone searches for services online rather than keeping a collection of business cards. While your site can rank naturally, paying for ad space is very helpful.

PPC advertising brings qualified leads to your business. By carefully selecting the targeting criteria, you ensure that your services get the attention they deserve. Using marketing tools such as Google Local Ads allows you to build your service base close to home.

By paying for this form of marketing, you ensure that your site appears at the top of the search results. Best of all, you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad, making it highly cost-effective.

Set up Google My Business (GMB)

If you want attention from the biggest search engine in the world, it makes sense to use Google’s free business listings feature. GMB is a tool for building a free webpage that integrates with Google platforms, like Google Maps and search results.

The GMB page allows you to:

  • List your services and contact details
  • Post photos
  • Make appointments with clients
  • Show off reviews
  • Create informational posts and marketing blurbs

Google will verify your address, lending your business more credibility and ensuring no one else can misrepresent your brand.

Use Content to Your Advantage

With the right content, you can brand yourself as a subject matter expert and grow your business. People want to find helpful content about mold, and they will often turn to a reliable company in their area for advice.

To come up with blog ideas, research what other restoration companies talk about on their sites. You can also use online tools to get keyword suggestions about the mold removal industry.

Once you start writing, be sure to follow SEO standards to ensure Google and other search engines see your page. This includes using keywords, linking to sources, and writing naturally without stuffing as many terms as possible.

At the end of each post, include a call to action. Most companies encourage visitors to sign up for their newsletter or fill out the form for a free quote.

Master Social Media Marketing

Mold remediation companies should incorporate social media into their internet marketing campaigns. Focus on building a community around your company by providing useful information and interacting with customers.

Make sure to post consistently and focus on only a few platforms. Aim to publish every other day, including photos, news stories, or helpful tips for customers. As your page grows, you will get more mold remediation leads and build your brand’s appeal.

Get help from a mold remediation marketing company

Clicks Geeks is here for you. Our team can build a customized strategy to draw in new leads and boost your appeal. Starting a new mold remediation business is hard enough, so leave the marketing to us.


Ed Stapleton, Jr is a ‘Google Partner’ marketing expert who’s sold over 1,500 Google Ads clients and managed millions in ad spend. He heads up the front of the house at his marketing agency Clicks Geek where he manages sales and strategic relationships.

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