Brief Guide to Doctor Marketing Success

If you want to steadily grow your medical practice, it’s time to refine your healthcare marketing efforts. From attracting patients to coming across as trustworthy, there are so many boxes to check off.

If you want to refine your doctor marketing strategies, read over this guide.

Keep Your Website Clinically Clean

Your website design should reflect the needs of your target audience, just as your office does.

If you’re a family physician, strike a good balance between professional and friendly tones. If you’re a plastic surgeon, look for a clean, elegant design that looks as good as your clients do.

To make sure your website catches the eye of potential patients and search engines, follow these tips:

  • List the full details and services of your practice
  • Provide bios for all doctors at the practice
  • Create content with search engine optimization in mind
  • Ensure your site is mobile-friendly and has fast page speed
  • Upload images that keep viewers eyes on the screen

Use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Medical Marketing

PPC advertising forms the cornerstone of digital marketing for doctors. With multiple medical practices likely operating in your area, running ads provides a steady source of new patients.

People are often in a rush and do not want to waste time finding a doctor. Medical marketing campaigns of this nature place your business in the prime position in search results.

When patients search for “Best health practitioners or doctors” in your town, your PPC ad tops the list. Your practice will sit above all competitors, so you will get the majority of clicks.

PPC marketing is a valuable tool for doctor’s offices of any size. You can set your budget and only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Update your Google My Business (GMB) Page

You can boost your performance in search results by claiming your GMB page. This is a free service by Google that lets you verify your address and share details about your practice. With GMB, you can also post photos and collect reviews from patients. As you build more credible social proof, Google will rank your page higher.

Content Marketing Provides Opportunities

Google is pretty tight-lipped about how it ranks sites. One thing that the company will share, however, is that your ranking depends on the quality of your content. As a doctor, you’re in a prime position to establish yourself as a leader in your field.

Use your blog to provide information that your patients find valuable. Link through to case studies, white papers, or publications you’ve authored. Not only will good content help patients understand their conditions and treatments, but it also shows them how skilled you are in the field.

Consider incorporating content marketing into your email marketing campaigns as well. Doing so makes them more valuable to the recipient and will boost open rates.

Become More Social

Social media platforms are a major part of digital marketing. Since your patients probably spend a large amount of time on social media sites, these places are where you will want to interact with them.
Social media marketing is not as simple as posting a photo every now and then. You need a strategy to ensure consistency and relevancy.
First, choose one or two sites that your audience is most active on to reduce the amount of effort you must expend. Next, create a content calendar that addresses common issues, encourages engagement, or shows off the personal side of your practice.
In Need of Professional Marketing Services?
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