Our Thoughts On How To Choose The Top Pay Per Click Management Agency

Well I thought I would write a small blog post since in a few different groups that we are involved in I keep coming across this same question. How do I hire the best PPC management company?

The better question you should be asking is how do I find the MOST QUALIFIED agency out of the 650,000 agencies that are out there.

There are a few ways to do this…

First do some research on the company you are looking at.

Who are the owners, how long have they been in the internet marketing space, what are they credentials/certifications, etc. Next narrow down your list to only the most qualified Adwords Pay Per Click management companies. Then I would start calling and speaking with each one, check out the customer service and get a general feel for how the company operates.

You want to make sure that if you are spending top dollar that you are being taken care of. Plus you will get a feel for how you will be treated as a client.

Next bring up their fees. How much does it cost for them to set-up and manage a campaign? What’s included? Did they break down how your ROI works and what you can expect? If not, that’s red flag #1. Ask if the person managing their campaign is Google and Bing certified, that’s very important.

You see there is a lot of proactive steps that you can take in order to secure only the highest quality provider.

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