Marketing Plan for Electricians: Important Strategies to Succeed in a Competitive Niche

Struggling to compete with other local electricians? We made a list of electrician marketing strategies to grow your business.

Social Media

The best way to connect with potential and current customers is through social media platforms. Using these can be especially effective because they help increase your ranking in Google searches. You can grow your brand awareness by posting blogs, pictures, and videos that are easy to view and share online. You can also respond to questions and concerns from your customer base to demonstrate professional knowledge and foster engagement.

Your Website

Creating a website is easy even without paying a designer by using free online builders and templates, so creating a professional online face for your company should be one of your first steps. Compatibility with mobile devices such as phones or tablets is more important than ever, as close to half of all online traffic consisting of mobile use. You should also include a description of your services, contact information, and a call to action to convert website visitors into buyers.

Inspire Positive Reviews

Customers searching online for electricians often look up their reviews first. By having good reviews, your electrical business can improve its Google search results, become part of Google’s “local pack,” and get business advertising that is essentially free. Encourage customers to leave reviews by asking them toward the end of a job or by providing an easy-to-use link in an email. You can also direct them to your social media pages to leave reviews that can be shared with other potential customers.

If your electrical company does receive a negative review, you can respond and offer to remedy any unsatisfactory electrical services. This will increase engagement and show that your company cares about its customers’ opinions and is dedicated to fulfilling their needs.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO practices shape your content marketing and website design to increase the ranking of your company in local searches for electrician services. Carefully choosing specific keywords makes your electrical business more likely to appear in searches made by your target market, allowing you to focus your electrician marketing on qualified leads.

In addition to optimizing the keywords in your content and headings, SEO techniques can change other aspects of your electrical contractor website to increase its search ranking. Using backlinks from other qualified sources and high-quality images also makes your electrical contracting business website more visible.

Pay-per-click Advertising

PPC advertising such as Google Ads places your electrician marketing at the top of local searches for electrical contractors. This digital marketing strategy lets you place bids on keywords related to electrical business and includes your advertisement in a reserved spot near the top of the page when local homeowners search for them. You only need to pay for the advertisement when the person searching clicks on it and goes to your website.

You are also able to adapt your business plan to optimize your return on investment. Increasing bids on successful keywords will grow the visibility of your business in searches and generate more qualified leads. If your advertising campaign includes keywords that underperform or draw in too many visitors who fail to convert, you can decrease your bid.

To get started on your marketing plan now, contact us at Clicks Geek. You can work with our marketing expert to develop online marketing strategies that fit your business.


Ed Stapleton, Jr is a ‘Google Partner’ marketing expert who’s sold over 1,500 Google Ads clients and managed millions in ad spend. He heads up the front of the house at his marketing agency Clicks Geek where he manages sales and strategic relationships.

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