8 Creative Electrical Contractor Advertising Ideas

You’ve finally managed to complete your training and get your license for your new career path. Now what?

Here are 8 creative electrical contractor advertising ideas that will help grow your business.

1. Build a Clean Website

The first thing you should do for your electrical business is to create a website. A good, clean website can attract more people to your business. Your website lets potential customers know how to get in touch with you. Building a site should be on every contractor’s business plan.

A website also separates you from that local electrician who is just handing out business cards as it makes you seem more legit and credible. If you take your electrician business seriously, then you must have a website.

2. Utilize Google Ads For Your Electrical Business

Now the question becomes, “How do I get people to see my site?” The fastest way to accomplish this is to run a campaign with Google Ads. This digital marketing strategy allows you to promote your homepage or landing page link to your target market.

Google Ads can be run through a Pay Per Click (PPC) model, meaning you only get charged when someone clicks your promoted link. If your site looks professional, this marketing strategy should pay dividends.

3. Improve Electrician Marketing With Local SEO

This one is simple. Anyone looking to hire an electrician is going to search for “electrical contractors near me.” You want to make sure that your contracting company is one of the first to appear for this search. This method is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your page can accomplish it through increased web visitors, effective copywriting, and other factors.

4. Create a Blog

One of the marketing ideas that most electrical contractors fail to capitalize on is creating a blog. Writing a weekly blog that caters to what your customers are looking for can add credibility to your company and bring in potential leads.

5. Make Use of Social Media

Social media rules the world. As millennials get older and start owning homes, old school trade marketing methods will go out the window. Make sure to post regularly across all platforms and put links to your social media accounts on your website.

6. Email Marketing

An underrated component of a contractor’s marketing plan is to make the most out of email. Sending your leads recurrent emails keeps you on their mind, so you’re the first face they think of when they need to hire an electrician.

7. Make Videos

Videos are a great marketing device because you can upload them onto various platforms, including YouTube, social media, and your service site. Giving customers a visual representation of your work makes your company more appealing.

8. Reputation Management

Your electrical contracting business should always encourage customers to leave a review of your service. Positive reviews help you stand out from competitors and make your business seem more trustworthy.

Clicks Geek Is Here to Help

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