Top 5 Dental Marketing Strategies During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Have you shelved your dental marketing strategy due to the Coronavirus pandemic? If so, it’s time to polish it up and present a shiny new smile to the world.

Despite COVID-19 still affecting us all, people need dental care. With digital marketing, you can show new patients that your dental office is there to help.

Help your practice and community bounce back with these five dental marketing ideas.

Revamp Your Website

Patients hold dental practices to a higher standard than most other businesses. People want to deal with an expert in a clean, sterile environment.

Since they can’t always visit your office, people will judge you by your website. A slow, unattractive experience will reflect poorly on you and steer away potential patients.

Make the best impression on visitors by:

  • Having a professional design your site
  • Ensuring that the pages load within two or three seconds
  • Creating helpful content that is easy to find
  • Listing your contact details and address
  • Showing where to book appointments online
  • Ensuring that the site displays well on mobile

Run Google Pay Per Click Ads

Paid ads are the bread and butter of any marketing company, but you can also implement this approach on your own.

There’s been much debate lately about whether to use Google ads or Facebook ads. Both are a form of pay per click advertising, but they’re not equally effective.

Since you want to encourage people to book an appointment as soon as possible, Google Ads are the best fit. These pay per click (PPC) ads sit at the top of search engine results pages and only show on topics you want them to. For example, you can run ads on terms like “dentist near me” or “fix a cavity.”

The term PPC comes from the bidding structure used by Google. You set a budget for your campaign, and Google will compare your “bid” against others. When your bid is best, your ad is shown on the search engine. Best of all, you only pay when someone clicks on the ad.

Take Control of Your Google My Business Page

Google My Business (GMB) page is a great way to supplement your local marketing efforts. Every company gets a GMB listing that lets them share details like operating hours, contact information, and images. Best of all, your practice will appear on Google Maps, helping you gain more local traffic.

It doesn’t take much to set up a GMB page, so take the time to complete yours today. By doing so, you help customers find you and prevent other people from falsely claiming your business and misrepresenting it.

Use Content Marketing

Content marketing involves some effort upfront but can produce an excellent return on investment. It plays an important role in practice marketing because one piece of content can bring in leads for several years.

Blog posts, videos, and infographics all play a part in this form of digital marketing. In most cases, blogging is the best marketing idea for a dental practice.

Before you start, learn the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure Google can find and index your pages. Next, think about topics that will interest your patients. Examples might include how cavities form, what implants work best, and when to see an emergency dentist.

Publish consistently, and you will see increased traffic to your site and improve local SEO. Search engines will show your sites to users in your area.

Pair these blogs with a call to action, and you can dramatically increase your email list.

Be Active in Your Community with Social Media

With social distancing firmly in place, people feel lonely and detached. To combat this, try to chat with your patients via social media. This is a chance to show the personal side of your team.

While social media marketing isn’t as serious as other methods, you still want to treat it as a professional task. Make an effort to share something at least a few times per week, ideally following a content calendar.

On top of this, look for chances to engage your audience. You can take polls, answer questions, or even host a giveaway.

Not only will these efforts bring some cheer to your community, but they will keep your practice top of mind. When people realize they haven’t seen a dentist in months, they will remember your name and call your office.

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