Are Googles Click To Call Ads The Greatest Things Ever?

cgphoneAs the name suggests, Mobile call-only campaigns are designed to show only on mobile phones with the ability to call. The mobile call- only campaigns are an effective way of search marketing introduced by Google. You sell and buy everything with just a click. Mobile call-only campaigns are taking your business to the next level. For businesses that prefer phone calls to website clicks, the campaigns are very beneficial.

Just by displaying your phone number, placing a call button and giving a brief description about your business you are able to reach peach potential clients searching on their mobile phones for your exact products and services. Make sure your ads captivating.

You could spice it up with words like call for the ultimate solution’ or speak with a professional now.’

Use a solid CTA (call to action).

Research has shown that majority of mobile searchers prefer calling a business from the search results. Call only campaigns are definitely a recommended marketing strategy for any business, especially businesses who are trying to use paid search to generate leads. You are only entitled to pay for clicks with the potential for calls.

Why We Love Call Only Ads

Call-only campaigns come with several advantages:

  • You directly connect to your clients
  • You only receive phone calls
  • You can count the number of phone calls as conversions to your business.
  • You are able to get AdWords traffic for your business
  • You can contact your potential customers once they call you. Their phone numbers show when you pick their calls.

Problems with calls only campaigns

Not many, but there are a few.

It is quite expensive since you have to pay for each phone call you receive
Users might click on your ad with no intention to call thus your money for that click goes to waste.

But if you factor that in compared to running ads to get clicks that you hope will turn into a lead, I mean if you are looking for local or national lead gen, then we’d suggest running calls only as a separate campaign. Have one going after search and one for calls.
Google Call Only Ads


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