Advice From A Certified Google Adwords Consultant

So you’re cruising around looking because you need some quick advice from an Adwords expert? Well, while I recommend that you hire a professional, I can still hook you up. Since it seems like you are about to take the plunge into Adwords alone, let me at least point you in the right direction so that you don’t light yourself and your bank roll on fire.

1. Use Google’s keyword planner to find and build out your Adgroups. Keep your Adgroups tightly themed and relevant to each other. Keep around 10-20 keywords per Adgroup.

2. Use Google’s keyword planner to find NEGATIVE keywords. Yes, you will need a solid base of negative keywords so Google doesn’t kill you with irrelevant clicks. In order to do this just enter your keyword into keyword planner and skim through the results looking for keywords that are just totally irrelevant to what you are targeting then add them as negative exact match. The more you add the better of a start your campaign will have.

3. Create 2 ads for every Adgroup you create. You need 2 ads so that you can test which ad is the best converting each week and pause the losing ad and create a new ad to run against the winner. I recommend doing this once a week.

4. Test, test and test your keyword match types. Make sure you are utilizing them all and see which match types for certain keywords converts best. The decrease bids on lower converting keywords and up the bids on higher converting keyword.

5. I highly recommend that you set an ad schedule that runs during the daytime hours only if you are a brick and mortar business who is looking for lead generation. You don’t want missed phone calls at 10pm or 3am. Its a waste of your adspend.

Sorry folks that’s all you can squeeze outta this Adwords expert today.

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