3 Ninja Tricks for AdWords Account Management

tricks for adwords account


If it’s been a long time since someone called you an AdWords manager newbie, then it’s probably a good idea that you not only find new opportunities and niches to target, but also reduce expenditures, improve ROI, grow your reach and also expand your campaigns. These things are all possible, but you just need to know where to start and how.

Following are the top 3 Ninja Tricks For Adwords Account Management you should know if you want to bring your business to new peaks of success.

Competitive analyses are your best friends

Even if you’re at the point where everything is going smooth for your campaigns, it’s recommended that you check and see how well your PPC campaigns stack up against those of your competition. Sure, no one denies that your account metrics can easily improve over time, but when you compare your campaigns with those of other advertisers, do they stand out in a good way or a bad way? Has your competition hired an PPC manager?

To check that, you may want to use free tools such as AdWords Performance Grader which is a very useful tool if you want a comprehensive and instant report on your AdWords account. You can then use it in order to see how well it fares when compared to advertisers that have a similar ad budget as you.

Remarketing may not be such a bad idea after all

Most new AdWords advertisers will primarily focus on their core campaigns, but if you have some extra money to spend and have more experience, you could consider giving remarketing a try.

This is an excellent way of getting your message in front of those who’ve visited your website recently and “follow” them around the internet with your ads. You can easily target either previous clients, people who’ve abandoned their shopping cart or people who visit certain pages that may hint they could be interested in buying a service or product from you.

Design your search queries insights

Did you know that there’s actually a lot of actionable data in your search query reports that you could easily use to bring in more customers? The thing is that if you wish to use search query mining, you should not only scour through the search query reports for insights from time to time, but also use negative keywords and broad match keywords. By doing so, you’ll find new keyword opportunities that can greatly increase your conversion rate and revenue.


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