5 Highly Effective Strategies to Include in Marketing Plans for Water Damage Contractors

Online marketing can be difficult to navigate, but it is vital to growing your water restoration business. Our experienced marketers at Clicks Geek have developed a list of five effective strategies to help you make an effective marketing plan for water damage contractors.

Use PPC Marketing

When customers need emergency water damage repair, they often go with the most convenient choice. Pay-per-click marketing tools such as Google Ads ensure your restoration company a spot at the top of local search pages to increase visibility.

Using Google Ads involves bidding on specific keywords and phrases that are relevant to water damage contracting. Your restoration company appears at the top of the results page whenever a potential client in your service area searches for any of these phrases, driving traffic with high purchasing intent to your website. These restoration marketing campaigns are also easy to adjust over time to optimize keywords for better lead generation.

Create a Professional Website

After ad campaigns drive traffic to your business, your website has to be able to convert. A clean and modern design is one of the best ways to give an impression of professionalism. Ease of use for both desktop and mobile visitors prevents frustration that would cause them to leave before converting. Descriptions of your water damage restoration services and business contact information should be visible immediately, along with a call to action, so that a visitor can quickly be converted into a sale.

Use High-Quality Content Marketing

You can keep your website search ranking high by producing regular and relevant content. Managing the content of your water damage marketing involves creating informative posts about water damage restoration to inform your customers and improve your company image as reliable and experienced. Answering common questions about water restoration also makes your website easier to find for customers searching for answers to those questions.

Make your content easy to find for your target audience by using search engine optimization. SEO techniques include specific keywords in your pages, headers, and metadata to increase your website’s search relevance for specific areas and water damage restoration service. Using these target phrases lets your company focus on online marketing strategies tailored to qualified water damage leads instead of potentially wasting resources on visitors who are out of your service area or looking for different services.

Increase Engagement with Social Media Marketing

Creating a page on a social media platform such as Facebook and YouTube gives your water restoration business an easy way to interact with your customer base to improve brand visibility. Your customer service team can directly respond to any water damage restoration business questions potential clients may have.

Establish a Google My Business Page

Google business pages are a free way to increase your search ranking in local searches for water damage restoration companies on Google and Google Maps. You can include your contact information as well as location-specific information and pictures that show up in searches to give potential leads all of your important information at a glance.

To grow your business today, contact us at Clicks Geek and we will help you come up with an effective water damage marketing strategy.


Ed Stapleton, Jr is a ‘Google Partner’ marketing expert who’s sold over 1,500 Google Ads clients and managed millions in ad spend. He heads up the front of the house at his marketing agency Clicks Geek where he manages sales and strategic relationships.

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