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Everything You Need To Fulfill PPC Services

Our unique white label PPC management process brings transparency to the very opaque world of online advertising and Adwords management. The latest innovations and search engine marketing techniques are leveraged by our team to empower our clients and drive ROI.

We will minimize wasted ad spend, maximize reach and bidding, drive lead volume, maximize conversion rates and exceed your goals. We are different for one very simple reason. We care about your success. That sounds corny but it’s true. We’ve been around long enough and dealt with countless types of different clients to understand that when you (the partner) are happy, our team is happy and everybody wins. You are not just another ‘client’ to us, you are a trusted partner and friend.


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“I use Clicks Geek for all my PPC management needs. These guys are hands down the best at providing positive ROI and making your dollar stretch. If you are looking for Adwords PPC marketing that really works and actually want to get an ROI, then these are the guys to go with. They walked me through every step and their customer service is second to none.”

Armando Saenz

CEO, Saenz Digital

PPC Reseller Program Results

What To Expect With Our Team

Below is just a short “hit list” of PPC management services that will be addressed and worked upon on a frequent basis for your campaigns. We are not one the “trendy” PPC companies who churns and burns clients or only works on their campaigns once every 2 weeks, we wanna keep you around. When you win, we win.


Creating targeted Google search engine marketing campaigns with the specific purpose of only driving a high ROI.

Creating multiple, highly targeted ad groups by analyzing the different products/services offered by the client.


Monitoring and adjusting bid strategies based on performance across ad groups and keywords.

Creating multiple effective ads for every ad group and tuning the ads for performance.

Analyzing your industry, understanding the end user needs/wants and creating effective ad copy from users pain points.


Adding ad group level keywords based off of raw search query conversion data.


Call tracking and call recording. Track calls down to the keyword level so you can see exactly what keywords are driving your campaign inbound phone calls.

Monitoring your Google AdWords PPC performance by analyzing Google Analytics conversion data so we can make better data based optimizations in order to further tune the search campaigns to run more efficiently.


Decreasing the CPL (cost per lead) while increasing the campaigns lead volume.


Implementing A/B multivariate testing and other conversion optimization tactics for clients landing pages.


Reducing client’s wasted ad spend by removing irrelevant keywords from the search query keywords, a continuous process of adding/removing positive and negative keywords.

Ad extension optimizations. Cut whats not converting, increase what is converting.

Improving CTR continuously.

Device bidding optimizations. Increase or decrease device bids based on whats converting and what is not.

Initial Consultation

We’ll discuss your clients project, target audience, top competitors and campaign goals. We will then roll out a customized strategy unique to their business alone. After we all are feeling warm and fuzzy inside about the prospect of working together, we will accept payment and get to work either building out a new campaign or optimizing existing campaigns.

Well we can’t optimize a campaign and grow your clients company ROI without knowing what keywords are winners and which are losers! We’ll install the conversion code on your clients websites thank you page or appropriate page. We can also direct your in-house team on how to do this as well.
We want to make sure all of your clients Google Analytics is set-up properly as well. So we will go ahead and tie that all together for you and slap a big bow on it!
Will your clients campaign be local, national or international? We can target based on states, cities, counties, zip codes, etc.
This applies to both keywords we want to go after and keywords that we want to negative out so Google never shows us ads for them. Sound confusing? Let me explain briefly. Lets say you want to generate health insurance leads. Well obviously we would want to go after a term like health insurance quotes, so if we are bidding on the broad match term health insurance quotes guess what. Google is going to show our ads for terms like “medicare health insurance, group health insurance and even life insurance”. It will show our ads for those terms because they are closely related. So to mitigate some damage from that we will set negative keywords like life insurance, medicare insurance , medicare, etc.
Yes we do build landing pages. We will help consult any in-house designer you have on payroll in the design aspects of what we need at no additional charge, but if you need us to build out a page for you it will be an additional cost. We use the landing page software Instapage, this allows us to create multiple versions of your landing page and have Instapage’s proprietary algorithm automatically A/B test the different versions against each other so we are always only running traffic to the highest converting page.
If you’re client is a lead generation campaign we will optimize your campaign/landing page to drive phone calls as well. We can either create a separate call only campaign to drive calls or we can optimize your existing campaign and bid higher for mobile traffic. On top of that, we can track all of your phone calls that came from your Adwords campaigns to fine tune your ROI.
Look, we’re not trying to toot our own horns but we’ve been slinging copy for a longtime now, we know what works and what doesn’t, just roll with it. Our ads have ridiculous CTR rates which in turn leads to higher quality scores and overall a more optimal performing campaign.
This is simple which is hard to understand for us why most companies need all kinds of fancy tools and gizmos to do this. Haven’t they ever heard of Skynet? Guess not! We decrease or drop bids on loser keywords and increase on winners. 2+2=4 guys let’s not over complicate things!
It’s in your best interest of your client to set-up a time for your ads to start and stop. Let’s be realistic, its not going to be the greatest lead that comes through at 3:54 am or a phone call that comes in after your client is closed for business. We advise everyone run a little before business hours and a little after.
Finally, once a week, every Monday at 9am your client ‘can be’ emailed a report detailing the past 7 days of AdWords account activity from your Adwords campaigns. It will also compare your clients new week to the previous week so they will be able to see campaign progression. Also, on the 1st of every month you will be emailed all of your clients inbound call data including call recordings (if you want).

Real Business Case Studies

Take a look at some real life examples of (live) PPC accounts and client challenges from problem to solution. We think you will find the solutions/results very interesting.