Marketing Plan for Pool Companies: Essential Requirements for Increasing Sales

To help your advertisements to get the best return on interest, we developed this list of pool marketing techniques to help you increase your online presence.

Pay-per-click Advertisements

PPC advertisement services such as Google Ads place your pool company name in the prime real estate at the top of local search pages. You place bids on keywords relevant to the pool industry to appear in searches that include those words or phrases.

Instead of aiming to get the most clicks, these digital marketing campaigns are used to generate more qualified leads by targeting the relevant market. If one of your keywords successfully converts in that niche, you can increase your bids on it to appear more often. Words that generate unqualified leads or are generally unsuccessful can be removed from the campaign to adjust its pricing to your budget.

Content Marketing

To make sure your swimming pool company is relevant in local searches, you should produce high-quality content regularly for your website. Blogs are a great way to inform your clients about potential problems their swimming pools may face that require cleaning or maintenance and how you can fix them. This has the added benefit of portraying your swimming pool business as experienced and trustworthy.

You can also include visual elements such as photos or videos on your website. Before-and-after images of pool cleaning or maintenance can prove the quality of your pool service, while pictures of your staff add a humanizing element and sense of trust. Your videos can demonstrate the process of cleaning and maintaining a pool to inform your viewers and familiarize them with how your business specifically acts to solve their problems.

Search Engine Optimization

You can use SEO techniques to build your content around specific keywords. Using these practices will make your web pages more relevant in results pages for local pool service companies. Long-tail keywords that include specific services or locations can also make searches more likely to generate qualified leads that are in your service area.

Other elements of your website can be optimized to improve its search ranking. Creating pages with different titles for separate services or problems can make your swimming pool business more prevalent online because the algorithm ranks single pages rather than the entire site. You should also include consistent contact information containing your company name, address, and phone number on every page.

Utilizing Social Media

Platforms such as Facebook provide a convenient way to engage with your customer base. You can respond directly to any posts containing questions or concerns. Sharing your content with friends and family works similarly to word-of-mouth marketing. You can even include links to your business page on email and business card signatures for increased traffic.

Social media websites make it easy for each person to leave positive reviews for your business. After you finish a job, you can direct a client to your Facebook page instead of asking them to fill out a form or find the review section of your site. This platform also allows you to respond in turn, thanking customers for good reviews or offering to fix the issues in bad reviews.

Do you need the best pool marketing campaign to increase your sales? Our team at Clicks Geek can provide proven pool service marketing and digital marketing strategies to grow your business.


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