What to Include in Your Marketing Plan for Lawyers to Attract More Clients

A law firm marketing plan is crucial for building a recognizable brand, reaching business development goals, and finding potential clients. Legal marketing plans are collaborative efforts that combine multiple factors that work in tandem to position your firm as the go-to law practice for your area. Below are the must-have marketing goals you need for your lawyer marketing plan.

Law Firm Marketing Plan

Here are the essential components to include in your marketing plan.

Law Firm Website

In most cases, your website will be the first impression clients will have of your law firm. Make sure the site is the best representation of your firm by choosing a fast server, a professional design, and optimal content to feature on it. Your website should also have:

  • An “About the Company” and “Meet the Team” page
  • Signup for email marketing
  • A “Contact Us” page
  • A designated section for each practice area
  • Legal blogs and other content
  • Client testimonials

Search Engine Optimization

Once you have a professional-grade lawyer website, you need to ensure it’s optimized for search engines to increase its rankings on search result pages. People seldom view results beyond the first page, so getting a high ranking is crucial to your online visibility.

Your website and related content should have relevant keywords and be well-written. When people search for “law firms” or “employment law firm,” your website will show up. You can also increase your local SEO rank by making a Google My Business page, which will show up on Maps and Search when prospective clients type in keywords related to your services in their area.

Social Media

You should not ignore social media when promoting your practice because you can use it to reach your target market. You can engage with prospective clients in real-time, network to find referral sources, and generate leads through paid adverts and organic engagement. By including social media in your law firm marketing plan, you will also have another way to showcase your website and its content while boosting your SEO.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a pay-per-click advertisement service that all law firms should embrace as part of their marketing plan. When people search for keywords relating to your law firm, an ad connected to a designated landing page will show up at the top of the search results page. You will only pay for ads people click.

People are more inclined to visit a website and schedule a consultation when the landing page speaks to their specific needs or includes a unique offer. Your conversion rate of online-viewers-to-paying-clients will significantly increase because your ads will target people looking for your particular legal services.

To improve your law firm’s marketing efforts, don’t hesitate to reach out to Clicks Geek. We are a Google Premier Partner Agency, and our certified team specializes in creating successful Google Ads campaigns. We use proven strategies and the latest industry tactics to put your practice in front of your target audience and improve your conversion rates.

Begin your online ad campaign today by speaking to one of our team members at (917) 310-1597.


Ed Stapleton, Jr is a ‘Google Partner’ marketing expert who’s sold over 1,500 Google Ads clients and managed millions in ad spend. He heads up the front of the house at his marketing agency Clicks Geek where he manages sales and strategic relationships.

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