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Clicks Geek is a U.S.-Based Google Ads agency focused on increasing sales and leads for immigration lawyers. We do this by driving quality traffic and delivering a superior landing page experience.

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“Ed has invested thousands of painstaking hours into understanding the nuances of sales and marketing so his customers can prosper. He’s a true professional in every sense of the word and someone I look to when I need advice.”

Brian Norgard

Brian Norgard

VP @ Tinder Inc.

How do you look for new immigration clients?

Immigration law firm advertising attracts new clients and keeps existing customers engaged. Several options are available for promoting law firms online, but one of the most cost-effective strategies with an excellent return on investment (ROI) is Google ads.

Contact our Google ad management agency to customize a marketing plan that targets the right audience and generates more leads and profit for your immigration law firm.

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With the right strategy, Google Ads allows a immigration lawyer to connect in real-time with prospective clients looking for their services. You only pay when people click on your ad, which can direct visitors to your site or landing page, where you can encourage them to set up a consultation or generate a call to visit your site.

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Ed’s advice, information, and techniques have helped my business not only STAY OPEN these last few years, but GROW with consistency.

Joseph Hughes

Joseph Hughes

CEO @ Contractor Dynamics

Take your business to the next level with a PPC agency that actually delivers.

Immigration Law Firm Advertising with Google Ads

PPC Ads Google Click

Over 80% of your potential clients run Google searches before hiring an immigration attorney. Since billions of people use the search platform daily, and thousands of those users are within your locality, marketing with Google can bring new clients to your firm every day.

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PPC is strategic. This form of online advertising allows your law firm to target the exact audience you want, allowing you to be as conservative or as aggressive as your budget or caseloads allow. PPC management can help you make the most of your advertising budget.

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The guys at Clicks Geek are SEM experts and some of the most knowledgeable marketers on the planet. They are obviously well studied and I often wonder from where and how long it took them to learn all this stuff. They’re leap years ahead of the competition and can make any industry profitable with their techniques, not just the software industry. They are legitimate and honest and I recommend him highly.

David Greek

David Greek

CEO @ HipaaCompliance.org

Immigration Attorney Search Ad Tactics for PPC Ads

Let our agency use Google PPC (pay-per-click) advertising to your advantage through one or more of the following search ad tactics.

  • Search Ads

    Before launching search ads, we identify the keywords that prospective clients use to find immigration law services in your area. When we integrate those keywords into your Google search advertisements, your website will be visible at the top of search results when your target audience runs a search query for immigration lawyers.

  • Google Ads or Adwords

    Through Google Adwords, you can promote your immigration law firm on multiple Google-owned platforms, such as Gmail and YouTube. YouTube is the most popular option because consumers find video advertisements more engaging than texts and static images.

    We create YouTube videos that tell a story and resonate with people who need your services. Such promotional videos will keep your brand at the forefront of the minds of prospective clients in your area until they need an immigration lawyer.

  • Google Adsense

    Adsense lets you advertise on non-Google-affiliated platforms. For instance, an advertisement for your services can appear on authority websites that many people in your city visit. Clicking on ads will redirect users to your landing pages, where they can find your phone number and contact you. Compared to the other forms of Google advertising, Adsense is less expensive.

Google Ads Case Study - Immigration Attorney Lawyer Google PPC Ads
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Check to see if your territory is available still!

Signing up for a PPC ad account is simple. You don’t have to hire a PPC agency to set up and manage your campaign, but most immigration attorneys and lawyers lack the time, tools, and expertise required to maximize ROI.

Client Testimonial Praise

Steven Cortez


Ed's a great dude! PPC expert all the way. I've had a couple phone calls with him. Very helpful and down to earth.

Max Reznich


I have Robert Salvatore saved in my phone as "PPC Whisperer" for a reason. The man can do things with a Google Ads campaign that I've never seen before. Thanks again brother.

Daniel Kichen


These guys are so awesome that even if they can't help you they will refer you to somebody who can. That doesn't happen often, good people.

Jeremy Bolton


Just wanted to give Ed Stapleton at Clicks Geek a recommendation if any of you guys are looking to outsource your google ads campaigns. Double my clients conversions within a month and now have a VERY happy client! Thanks Ed...

Jacob Kettner


Quick shout-out to Robert Salvatore over at Clicks Geek. I was on a call with Mark Luckenbaugh yesterday bitching about a Google Ads campaign that wasn't converting well, and he suggested I talk to Robert. I hit him up yesterday in the afternoon, and by 8:30AM this morning he'd done a complete audit of the campaign and laid out actionable steps for me to take to improve both CTR and costs as well as how I'm tracking, and the way I'm targeting keywords.  I can honestly say I learned more about Google Ads from his audit than I did from the last Google Ads course I took.

Brant Scheifler


Quick tip of the hat to Ed and Robert on the PPC front. I sent them a PPC campaign a couple months back for one of my local clients. Theya re killing it both on CPC and CPL. I honestly hate managing PPC, and even though Rob would attest to me knowing more about Google Ads than him (actually not really he would never say that nor is it true), I prefer to not have to look at PPC campaigns whenever possible. So, just wanted to say that if you need a good PPC resource that's hand off I would check out these guys! Hope this helps someone that may be fed up with managing Google Ads or looking for a good source.

Find Out If Your Territory Is Still Available.

See what our happy clients have to say.

Immigration Law Google PPC Ads
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We’re A Google Partner Agency

As a Google Partner Agency, we’ve joined the cream of the crop in PPC specialists. This designation is reserved for only a small fraction of Google Partners who have demonstrated a consistent track record of success.

The Importance of a Google Ad Quality Score

Having a high quality score has several benefits, including reducing the cost-per-click (CPC) for PPC campaigns. Before launching your Google PPC campaign, we will increase your score by optimizing the following:

For more about improving your score and getting the results you want from search engine ads, give us a phone call.

Advanced Tracking

Tracking through analytics is an essential part of succeeding in your Google Ads campaign.

We’ll track the results from your ads campaign diligently and use them to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. We’ll set up call tracking and contact form tracking down to the keyword level to enable us to optimize your campaigns and drive more inbound leads.

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The Bottom Line

We offer unrivaled expertise and have a reputation for providing wildly successful results for our clients.

If you’re in the immigration law industry, make the most of your marketing dollars. Contact us at Clicks Geek today to get started with Google Ads or to have our team analyze your current campaign. Have any questions? Our friendly team is always happy to answer them and offer guidance to implement the right immigration law marketing strategy.

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Are Google Ads Ideal for Immigration Lawyers?

Many law practitioners promote their firm name and services on TV, billboards, the sides of buses, and other public locations. These advertising tactics take a shotgun approach that targets the whole populace rather than just the people who need the services being advertised.

Paid search marketing is more efficient. It yields better and quicker results by targeting specific audiences that need your services. It is also cheaper than traditional marketing methods. You have full control over the amount you pay per campaign and only have to pay when prospects click on your ad and get redirected to your site. If you use Google ad extensions, people can click and dial your phone number from ads without visiting your site.

Traditional advertising methods, such as cold phone calls, are out of date because they consume several work hours and typically yield minimal results. Instead of cold calling prospects who do not want to talk to you, we will provide you with a search advertisement strategy that reaches people looking for an immigration lawyer like you.

Facebook ads are also useful for introducing your name, law firm, and services to more people via social media.

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Google Ad Best Practices for Immigration Law Firms

Launching a PPC campaign on search engines, Facebook, or other advertising platform brings fresh traffic to your business website, but it is not enough to increase your leads and conversions. For such results, you need the right keywords and ad copy. Below are some of the best practices we adhere to when running a search ad:

Why Work with Our Immigration Lawyer Ad Management Agency

Our certified Google ad team is up to date on the latest search engine tactics for increasing leads and conversion rates. Every client’s ad management campaign starts with an initial consultation that reveals everything we need to develop a personalized strategy that fits your unique budget and business goals.

We handle all aspects of the ad campaign, including but not limited to:

That way, each client can focus on running their law firm. We also provide each client with regular and detailed reports that show their PPC campaign’s progression. Our constant monitoring enables us to tweak the advertisement’s underperforming aspects for better results.

To get started with running a Google ad that boosts your visibility, traffic, leads, conversion rate, and earnings, get in touch with us today.

Take your business to the next level with a marketing agency that actually delivers.

Clicks Geek is a U.S. Based marketing agency focused on positive-ROI customer acquisition. If you want to grow your brand through digital marketing, let’s talk!

Based in Pennsylvania, USA

As a Google Premier Partner Agency, we’ve joined the cream of the crop in PPC specialists. This designation is reserved for only a small fraction of Google Partners who have demonstrated a consistent track record of success.
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