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Armando Saenz, Client Testimonial

White Label Pay Per Click Solutions

Clicks Geek offers high quality white label pay per click management services to our partners. We do all the work and make your company the branded hero for your clients success.

As a result, your business gets the full credit and benefits of running your clients paid search campaigns successfully and generating them steady leads, sales and results.

With the competition increasingly growing among internet marketing agencies and companies, it’s imperative that you only partner with proven PPC resellers who can exhibit results in some of the most competitive paid search spaces online. We’ve successfully gone toe to toe with industry giants like e-Health with our own healthcare clients, on a fraction of their budget…our kung fu is strong!

Campaign Reporting

Your clients can be set-up on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reporting branded to your company. Each report will contain the client’s statistics and also compare the statistics to the previous week’s report.

We can set up an MCC account for your business to roll all of your clients under and then you just give us access to that account and we can manage your client’s accounts under your business name.
It’s important that your client’s campaign is being worked on and further optimized regularly. We optimize campaigns on a weekly basis (sometimes twice a week).
Without knowing what keywords are turning into leads and which are wasting money its impossible to optimize a campaign. Our team will handle setting all of the conversion & call tracking up for you.
If your client’s website is not set-up for lead capture they will need to have a landing page created. No sweat, we can do this for you and then you just upcharge your client for a healthy profit.

Trusted By Our Partners

  • Armando Saenz
    Saenz Digital

  • Grant Cooper
    Social Vantage

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  • Matt Stack

  • Max Reznich
    Roof Engine

  • Dave Greek
    Simbus 360

Clicks Geek provides a great number of leads to many of the lawyers we work with and lowers lead acquisition costs immediately. With their easy setup and great results, it is a no-brainer as to why we use their services.

Chad Adam
President, Enterprise Development Partners

How It Works

Since we work with a very broad range of businesses who include SEO companies, digital agencies, website developers, ad agencies and a variety of different types of consultants, you can count on us to find you the right custom approach that suits the needs of your business and your clients. When you outsource PPC management to us we handle everything from AdWords/Bing account creation, set-up, ad copywriting, optimization, landing pages, conversion tracking, call tracking, reporting, etc.

Our white label PPC management services differ from our competition for two very simple reasons. One, we are specialists, paid search and conversion rate optimization is all we do. Our service will save your agency thousands of dollars by helping you avoid hiring and training in-house paid search staff while also increasing your margins.

Two, every single client that you bring us for your search campaigns will have that account worked on by a Google certified professional. No junior account managers or newbies here. Even if your agency has an in-house PPC team already, please consider us as your flexible overflow team. We’re here for you whenever you have too much work to handle.

We Do The Work, You Get The Credit

Your clients will never know anyone but your company is designing and running their campaigns. We make you the branded hero and that includes all of our reporting!

Your confidentiality is our only concern. We will have zero contact with your clients. Nobody will ever know that Clicks Geek is running your clients paid search.
Offloading your PPC to us will allow you to free up more time to scale your agency in other areas. Plus, you can rest assured that our team is going to knock your clients campaigns out of the park.
We can set your clients up on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reporting. Totally up to you. Reporting will be branded to your company only!

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