Plumbing PPC Case Study

69 Inbound Phone Calls In The Past 30 days (M-F Only)

Plumbing Client

Client was already a leader in the plumbing niche in the Las Vegas market. They do all the traditional marketing that most big businesses who’ve been around for 30+ years do, large media buys, radio, etc. They were interested in testing running a paid search campaign in Google to see if they could acquire leads at the price point of $160-$170 per lead. So we got to work and within our first 40 days working together hit that price point and the clients CPL has been steadily declining ever since. The unique approach we took was to drive only inbound phone calls, no form submissions. Typically a phone lead will close at (no joke) a 10x higher rate than a form submission. So if we were going to start out sending leads at such a high cost we wanted to make sure they close and close fast.

*(Monthly lead volume depends on monthly ad budget.
Bigger budgets get bigger results)*

Our Proven High Converting Plumbing Landing Page To Drive Inbound Phone Calls Only

(Some Information Has Been Blurred For Client Protection)

AdWords Campaign Data & Call Tracking Lead Data

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Our Approach & Strategy

This clients campaign was a challenge for the simple fact that in a large city like Las Vegas where you have dozens of other agencies going after all the same high intent keywords, you have to stand out. We took a different approach and attacked the market form several different angles not just plumbing keywords but slab leak, heating & cooling, sewer, etc. Not only that but we dangled a very powerful lead magnet in front of prospects urging the prospects to pick up the phone and call. We’ve done several call only campaigns before but this time we went straight for a regular search campaign and just optimized everything for only mobile traffic, the results are daily inbound phone calls for the client! Ideally our team thinks we can get the lead cost down to around $40 per lead.

31% Conversion Rate

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