Pay per click management is not as easy as people think. The reasoning of most business owners is that they can actually run PPC campaigns by themselves in a bid to cut costs. Well, here goes the fallacy of cost. The truth is that your campaigns need the steady hand of a pay per click consultant, an individual who has been doing it for years and has a record of accomplishments. Trying to do it yourself will only hurt your business, especially by you splitting your time to cater to different tasks. In addition, poor PPC strategies will ruin your advertising goals.

Pay per click marketing management

As a business owner, you must find yourself a pay per click consultant with a reputation of success and someone who guarantees their work. Finding an expert is not as hard as most people think, as there businesses are listed on directories and their names are always exchanged around in networking groups, etc. When you narrow down your list of possible candidates, you will need to follow several guidelines to ensure you get what you need:

1. Inquire into whether the candidate is Google and Bing certified.

There are many quacks running around the cyberspace with fake declarations of experience. Google saw this and decided (since it is the king of PPC through AdWords) that for a PPC expert to have legitimacy, then they must sit for proficiency tests and obtain certification.

2. Find out whether they offer free assessment.

Most expert consultants will take time to get a feel of your business and evaluate your campaigns before they are even hired. If they are willing to assess where you are and give you a possible way forward, then you are looking at your next employee.

3. What can they deliver? How will they use Google analytics?

If your campaign manager is any good, they will give you a clear image of the road ahead. They will tell you how they are going to restructure the campaign, they will provide a breakdown of projected costs and most importantly, they happen to know how to interpret and act on Google analytics.