Anonymous Health Insurance PPC Case Study

4,435 Health Insurance Leads In The Past 30 Days

Anonymous Health Insurance Client

This client wished to remain anonymous due to the fact that they are a very large brand and player in the health insurance space. The company does large media buys for affiliate leads and wanted to set-up their own search marketing campaign and leverage Google’s massive search volume for the space. We had to really put our thinking caps on for this one as the online health insurance space is massively competitive with such large brands like ehealth, Blue Cross Blue Shield, etc.

*(Monthly lead volume depends on monthly ad budget. Bigger budgets get bigger results)*

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The main challenge with this client was how to position ourselves among such large scale players with massive budgets and still be able to compete. We built their search campaign from the ground up, starting with a lot of broad match terms to gain the cheaper clicks and then once the data started rolling in we started adding several different keyword match types and adding more and more keywords that were converting well for us.

Within 3 weeks of having the campaign built the client was generating over 700 leads per week. The main focus was to get the client the leads at a cost per lead of no higher than $12 all the while maintaining the lead volume. Keep reading because we are about to show you some really cool results!

Our Campaign Approach/Strategy

The strategy for this client was very simple. Start out small with a few very popular and widely searched broad match keywords, let them run for 7 days and gather as much data as possible. Once we had the conversion/keyword data we went from there building out different Adgroups and adding different keyword match types.

From there we just scaled the campaign as naturally as we could using the campaigns own search query data to add and negative keywords that were winners and keywords that were losers. The campaign evolved to what it is today and is a lead generation monster.

Campaign Conclusion

Their goal was to build out a 2,000+ keyword campaign in Google Adwords and start generating health leads. We had a meeting with the client and their marketing team. We discussed the campaigns goals and the target audience as well as laid out an action plan to launch quickly.

They needed a CPL of under $13 per lead. Currently we are pulling leads at under a $9 CPL and the client is generating more leads than they know what to do with! Which if you own a business as we all know is an excellent problem to have. Lets chat more about your company’s project today!


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