Auto Transportation/Shipping PPC Case Study

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Anonymous Auto Transportation Client

Our Auto Transportion client is a New York based auto/motorcycle shipping company in need of generating more motorcycle and auto leads for their sales team. When we first spoke they were new to the whole paid search space and excited to see what the potential was. Once we showed them what their top competitors were doing, they were immediately ready to get going.

*(Monthly lead volume depends on monthly ad budget. Bigger budgets get bigger results)*


The main challenge for this client was creating from scratch their Adwords campaign and then scaling the campaign at the appropriate CPL that the company wanted. Our team dug into their competitors who were the top dogs in the space, did some research and found out what was working for them and what was not. We then built a solid foundation for the campaign and began testing and tweaking, adding keywords and ad groups as the campaign naturally evolved. They are now generating a steady 30-35 leads a week after 4 rounds of campaign optimizations.

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Our Campaign Approach/Strategy

The strategy used for this client was particularly simple.  First we compiled a list of the top 10 companies advertising in their space on Google & on Bing. The we used a tools called Spyfu to run through what was working for their competitors and what was not working. We built out the initial foundation of the campaign on what was working for their competitors and expanded from there.

Once you turn a campaign on and let it run for a few days, it will usually gather a significant amount of data (if the budget is large enough) that our team can run through and start optimizing. Increasing the winners and dropping/replacing the losers. This campaign was fully optimized with 6 weeks of signing on with us, which is actually pretty fast considering how large the industry is!

Target CPL (Cost Per Lead) $20.00

Generated 30 leads in 6 days at a CPL of $14.96


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